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gagan gandhi

Fast Five with Budding Poet Gagan Gandhi Reveals What Inspires Him to Write

Gagan Gandhi is a Toronto-based aspiring insta-poet, his work is primarily about love and life and you'd be surprised at where he finds comfort writing his daily musings.

Drowning in the Narrative of Ramadan Reflections

I have written Ramadan reflections before based on what I expected people wanted me to say. Narrative and personal storytelling is a wonderful art form but it can also be a destructive one without

Writing Myself Out of My Marriage

As a child, I have a distinct memory of my mom telling me that by no means did I need to be married to have my own children, that I could have as many children as I wanted on my own so long as I was able to care for them, that I did not need a man to have children. What stands out is my desire, even back then, not to be married. I was never the girl who wanted the ring and the wedding and the man (or woman).
anjali sharma

Meet The Staff: Anjali Sharma

Hi fellow brown girls and boys! My name is Anjali Sharma and I am a fifteen-year-old, 100% Punjabi girl, born and raised in the town that contains the country’s #1 beach in sunny Florida. Whew, that’s a mouthful.

A Brown Girl’s Fear of her Family Reading Her Creative Work

I recently confessed to a friend about writing a blog. I waited nervously for her to ask me for the URL, and was inwardly relieved she didn’t. But it got me thinking, are we Brown Girls sometimes too reticent about the subjects we tackle for fear of our parents seeing our work?
Creative Writing Workshop

Creative Writing Workshop Considered a Success!

Brown Girl Mag and Sakhi for South Asian Women came together for the Creative Writing Workshop. The event itself was a success with many women talking about the various South Asian taboo's. The group of women that attended the workshop discussed and wrote about their feelings and topics such as family, depression, sex, and so much more! Check out one of the story's and keep an eye out for the next workshop!

Creative Writing Workshop: “I Write My Narrative”

Our first writing workshop's goal is to creatively unearth the gender biases that shape our lives and affects our choices. Join Sakhi for South Asian Women NYC and Brown Girl Magazine on April 18th in NYC from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Journeying Into the World of Words

I can't remember what it was like not to write. What I do distinctly remember are the first lines that captured my attention and drew me into the world of words: they described rivulets of water streaming across a parched desert. As I read the words, vividly visualising the shining water and the dry, cracked earth, I thought to myself: I want to write. Too.


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