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Stacy Singh

Breaking Domestic Violence Silence in the Indo-Caribbean Community

The Jahajee Sisters, an organization committed to creating a safe and equitable society for Indo-Caribbean women and girls, collaborated with other South-Asian and Indo-Caribbean affiliated organizations on Jan. 15 to host a vigil for Stacy Singh, who was killed in a domestic incident.

Meet Tricia and Stephanie: The Modern Day Interracial, Queer Married Couple

On the last day of Pride month, we talk to Tricia Prettypaul and her wife Stephanie Alvarado about love, family life and politics.

Watch UN Women Pakistan’s Powerful New #BeatMe Campaign Video

U.N. Women Pakistan recently released a new video to fight against the domestic and sexual violence women face around the world and particularly, Pakistan. U.N.

K3G Celebrates It’s 15-Year Anniversary: We Re-Discover Its Pros & Cons

by Subrina Singh- Follow @Subrinalalala "Kabhi Khushie Kabhi Gham" is one of the most iconic movies in Bollywood history. Over the past 15 years, our love for this movie has only grown....

Why You Should Attend the Much-Waited Fearless Conference Happening in Philadelphia

The Fearless Conference, to be held on October 1-2 in Philadelphia, is a two-day event for “ambitious women who are ready to ignite their passion, creativity, and inner badass.”

‘Pink’ Shines A Light On Unfair Views Of Women And The Importance of ‘No’

“No.” It’s one of the most powerful words in the English language. No matter what language one speaks, the word “no” is universal.

Female Genital Cutting: A Continuing Tradition That Needs to End

This is a deeply personal piece by BG Mariya Taher about the practice known as Female Genital Cutting, or FGM or Female Genital Mutilation. Worldwide estimates of this practice are not accurate, but it is known that half a million women and girls were at risk of undergoing this practice in 2015.
Female genital mutilation, brown girl

Today, I Call Myself a Survivor of Female Genital Mutilation

The memory of the fateful day is very clear in my mind. It was a Saturday, and like every Saturday, mom, my older sister and I were headed to our grandparent’s home to spend the day there. I always eagerly awaited the weekend, as we always had so much fun and got spoilt with yummy snacks, lollies, and an occasional movie.

‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ And The Culture Of Silence in Indian Society

I watched Zoya Akhtar’s "Dil Dhadakne Do" this past weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it as a classic family drama with a twist. However, the movie made me think.

Purvi Patel Convicted of Contradicting Feticide and Child Neglect Charges

On February 3, 2015, Purvi Patel, a 33-year-old woman from Indiana was found guilty of feticide and felony neglect of a dependent, two entirely contradictory charges. Patel is facing a maximum 70 years in prison and is scheduled for sentencing on March 6.
embody south asia campaign

Columbia University’s South Asian Organizations Explore Transnational Feminism Through a Photo Campaign Worth Seeing

For three long hours in 19-degree weather on Wed., Feb. 3, Columbia University’s #emBODYSouthAsia campaign took place at the center of campus, attracting students, faculty, and passersby. The group of students stood with signs that read gender equality messages to show solidarity with the transnational feminism movement.
new year eve wish list

5 Wishes to Change the World in the New Year

As ambiguity remains the foundation of any new year, let's relieve ourselves of hollow self-resolutions and aspire for worldly changes that are effective, permanent and prosperous in 2015. With that being said, below is a list of five wishes for the upcoming year, hopefully we will see them all become a reality.
Rahul Saharan acid attack survivor photo shoot

9 Things You Didn’t Know about Rahul Saharan’s Acid Attack Photo Shoot

Rahul Saharan, a professional photographer based in New Delhi, India, broke global ground with a moving and inspiring photo shoot, featuring five young acid attack survivors, named Rupa, Laxmi, Ritu, Sonam and Chanchal. Here are nine facts from behind the scenes of this revolutionary photo shoot.

Empowering Indian Women Through Art

In recent years, women’s safety and security has become a pressing issue around the world. Despite many modern-day advancements, I feel that women of this century still have some sorrow deep inside their hearts. It is a feeling of helplessness, vulnerability and concern for their safety. Growing up in an Indian Army background, I got the chance to travel to several cities around India. I always felt very sad witnessing the hardships faced by many women in my country. I wanted to use my painting to express her emotions and the issues that she faces from birth throughout the rest of her life. This empowering series of paintings describes the plight of all women of color.
parineeti chopra

Parineeti Chopra Schools Male Journalist About Periods and Women’s Health

Actress Parineeti Chopra teaches a male journalist what having a period really means. The journalist tries to ask Chopra how it feels to be prohibited from praying or visiting a temple, while on her period, but he royally fails to word the question properly. That in turn, pushes Chopra to say, "it's a shameful thing" that he is clueless about a woman's health.


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