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Menstrual Hygiene Day

Menstrual Hygiene Day Diaries: Period Week, A Memoir

Happy Menstrual Hygiene Day! With the support of over 270 global partners, including the founding NGO WASH United, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the United Nations Children’s Fund, MH Day is annually celebrated on May 28th.

Texas Health and Dallas Desi Women Partner to Host the 2017 Little Black Dress...

Ladies, I’m sure we’ve all had those moments while getting ready for a night out, as we scour through multiple outfits, often it’s the classic Little Black Dress that saves the day! On April 21st, 2017, Texas Health is giving women in Texas the chance to, once again, get out their Little Black Dress (LBD), but this time for a specific cause.

#WomensHealthWednesday: Abortion Literacy and Women’s Autonomy

Abortion. No matter who you are, where you come from or what you believe in, that one word evokes a reaction or sentiment.

What To Do When Your Period Feels Like an Exclamation Point

Periods often get a bad rap in the South Asian community, because they are regarded as gross, as impure. You feel like crap, and much of the time you get treated like crap. Well, take out your granny panties, your pads and/or tampons, and let’s jump into this Red Sea.

5 Facts Your Period can Reveal About Your Health

Your period can either be a dreadful bodily function that you have to deal with on a monthly basis or it can be a taboo subject that you embrace.

The Cesarean Delivery Trend in South Asian Countries

We all came into the world the same way: childbirth. Well, almost the same way. Some of us were delivered vaginally and others were delivered by a cesarean section. Looking at two adults, you’d never know who was born which way. So, does it matter?
hpv, brown girl

5 Myths About HPV Debunked

If you come from a typical South Asian-American family, then you're intimately familiar with "sex": how it's everywhere and everyone's doing it, but it's never talked about and never acknowledged openly.

Are Menstrual Cups the Answer?

Periods suck. We spend enough on sanitary products in our lifetime to fund us a car in retirement. Sanitary products are also taxed because apparently they're 'luxuries' and not 'essentials.' Right.
pap smear

What is a Pap Smear And Why You Need it

I might be generalizing, but if you are a South Asian woman, you have likely been given this pep talk at some awkward teen or preteen point in your life: "Boys are bad, don't touch boys."

Female Genital Cutting: A Continuing Tradition That Needs to End

This is a deeply personal piece by BG Mariya Taher about the practice known as Female Genital Cutting, or FGM or Female Genital Mutilation. Worldwide estimates of this practice are not accurate, but it is known that half a million women and girls were at risk of undergoing this practice in 2015.
first period

The Time Mother Nature Got Real at Hindu Temple and I Saw Red

I'm referring to my first period. If you’re South Asian, you'll especially be terrified to learn that it happened when I was 12 years old and in a temple (are you horrified on my behalf yet?), the one place I was always told that women should stay the away from when menstruating.
period tracker

The Must Have Period Tracker Apps for Every Brown Girl

Gone are the days that your mom would color in your period days on a calendar with red marker. As a doctor, I can't begin to tell you how important it is to keep track of the regularity of your cycle and flow.

Period Products Alternatives for the Green Conscious Brown Girl

What's a girl to do when she's concerned about her menstrual health and being an eco-warrior? Simple. She can be both at once! And BG Marium Siddiqui tells us how.

Mahila Facts: Endometriosis

One of our readers wanted the next women’s health column to focus on endometriosis and how it affects South Asian women. In an article published in September 2013 in MSNBC Health/Equality, South Asian women living with endometriosis spoke out about the lack of attention given to “invisible diseases” such as the one they live with everyday.

Mahila Facts: Female Anatomy

Let's return to our discussions about the inner workings of the female body. It surprises me to this day how little girls tend to know about where all the female knickknacks are located in their body.

Brown Girl U: Mahila Facts – Hormones

How many times have you blamed your latest acne break out on hormones? Or your irrational desire to cry over a restaurant not getting your order right?


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