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5 lessons I Learned From Surviving Trauma

by Anonymous - Follow @browngirlmag During December 2014, I was diagnosed with major depression. That month every year my doctor asks me if I’m ready to come off the medication. It’s the month...

9 Mental Health Hacks: How to More Easily Afford Mental Health Support

by Sheena Vasani - Follow @SheenaVasani First, you have to deal with cultural stigmas and then you have to deal with finances. As a South Asian American, I know firsthand how difficult...

#TherapyTalk: Choosing the Right Therapist for You

If you’re a South Asian that was raised to always obey your elders, please realize that you’re not responsible for taking care of your therapist. Your therapy sessions should be about you and your needs.
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Why I Refuse To Believe In The “White-People-Are-Sex-Crazed” Stereotype Among South Asians

An Indian man once said that he found it hard to believe that my white teenage school classmates were conservative and religious about sexuality.

South Asian Dance Teams Bring Mental Health to the Stage

In fact, when it comes to people suffering from mental illnesses, an effective way to help them cope may actually be dance. Since the mid-1990s, dance therapy has actually been an approved form of treatment for those suffering from severe cognitive problems, according to the American Dance Therapy Association.

#TherapyTalk: A South Asian Perspective and Discovery

I needed someone with whom I could sort through these thoughts and begin my path to self-discovery.

#TherapyTalk: I Stopped Making Excuses and Discovered I Wasn’t Alone

by Komal Kazim - Follow @kazimlikechasm When I mentioned it to my friend, her eyes bulged a bit. She said: Oh my god, why? Is everything okay? And then, quickly: That’s good, though. I mean, we...

It’s Not a Dirty Secret: 7 Truths About Mental Health

You’ve got a mind, so you’ve got mental health! Mental health can be good, bad or somewhere in the middle. Mental health is not defined by the absence of mental illness, just like health is not defined by the

#TherapyTalk: Therapy is My Bandage

Growing up, I had been conditioned to believe that therapy was for the weak, for “messed up people.” I had always been told there are no reasons for me to be sad because I was given everything any child could ever want. While it was certainly true that my parents worked very hard to give me a certain quality life, complete with all the

#TherapyTalk: Learning to Have Faith in Myself Again

I knew there was something off about my mentality and thinking right before I descended into my three-year struggle with depression and anxiety. The people around me also knew because my personality and actions were off from how I am normally.

#TherapyTalk: How to Talk About Feelings When You’ve Been Told Not To

Growing up in my Punjabi household, my grandparents made sure that children didn’t speak unless when spoken to. If I was acting happy, I would be told to shut up. If I was crying, I would be told to go to my room.

They All Tell Me That I am Crazy

“You are crazy." No, I am not. I’m just scared that I will lose the people I care about the most. I’m just terrified that the people who I need the most right now will turn their backs because I am too much work.

5 Ways Desi Girls Can Heal From Sexual Assault

You may be dependent on your perpetrator. You may be told that you’re unmarriageable. You may worry about other people judging you. You may worry about looking weak. Or, you may be a very private brown girl who doesn’t know how to put her experiences into words (and that’s okay). With all of that in mind, it’s no wonder why some brown girls keep their abuse a secret.

You Are Not Alone: A Story of a Depressed Former Pre-Med Student

Here I stand. Still anxious, still depressed. But feeling slightly more hopeful. After months of therapy and ups and downs, I finally started taking anti-depressants and my parents now understand the depth of the pain I was feeling.
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I Don’t Need God, I Need a Therapist

By speaking and sharing my inner truths out loud, therapy brought me into a light God simply hadn’t yet led me to.

Finding the Right Therapist: Should you Seek Counseling From a Desi?

Therapy is supposed to be that emotionally safe place where you are offered an empathic ear to explore what you’re going through. The last thing a prospective client would want is to feel criticized or treated like you're not good enough.


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