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Move Over Turmeric, Because this Saffron Tea is the New Golden Milk in Town

I recreated the original saffron tea recipe and also added my own twist by making one with almond milk and honey.

‘Would You Like Some Tea?’: A Love Poem for Tea.

May this poem be a comforting reminder that you can press the warm tea cup to your bare chest, close your eyes and you are home. Mom just made tea for you.

How to Host a Tea Party Like a Bawse

by Soni Satpathy-Singh - Follow @SketchyDesi Picture it: multiple-tiered tray stands overflowing with both savory and sweet foods.  A bottomless teapot.  Colorful, make-you-feel-special decor.  There's something about a well-executed, decadent, and delicious...

International Tea Day: A Chai-Lover’s Galore!

Today is lnternational Tea Day so we thought we'd pay homage to our favorite way of drinking tea by sharing all things chai!

Granny, Dadi, and Me

I feel fortunate to have known an Iron Lady, my Granny, may she Rest In Peace. I feel especially lucky to have a Dadi who, despite her rural upbringing, has never tried to mold or influence neither me nor anyone else in anyway whatsoever.

How I Break Gender Stereotypes in my Family

Once I was in my brother's house and all the females had gone out to a wedding except moi, so after dinner, it was time for tea.


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