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The MAHI Project

Sisters Devika and Saloni Kumar Create the MAHI Project: Providing Menstrual Education to Underprivileged...

by Gabbie Deonath - Follow @browngirlmag All photos courtesy of Devika and Saloni Kumar. Raised in Texas, sisters Devika and Saloni Kumar spent many vacations throughout their childhood and teenage years traveling back to India...
brown feminist

Myths on the Ideal Brown Feminist

While many brown voices have been raised in the rejection of -isms and forms of power and oppression, one particular image of a brown feminist has been repeated throughout these dialogues.

Designer Ayush Kejriwal Breaks Barriers with Desi Fashion

With his recent successes and controversies in mind, Ayush Kerjiwal reflects on what it means to stay true to oneself, the importance of self-love and standing up for one's beliefs.
Me Too

#MeToo Goes Global: What Happened in Goa Doesn’t Stay in Goa

Today, in the Western world, I wouldn’t hesitate to trigger the alarm should anyone dare to sexually violate me. In India, I would still think twice!

Why Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom’s Feud Highlights the Traditional Blame Game

Boxer Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom's recent split and public feud cause society to confront a very ugly truth.

‘The Deed is Done’: A South Asian’s View on Sex and Virginity

Pooja Mallipamula's "The Deed Is Done" showcases stories of people losing their virginity including an Indian man who waits until after marriage for his "first time."

10-Year-Old Rape Victim Gives Birth in India After Being Denied Abortion

Being responsible for another human being at any age is challenging. But at the age of 10, it is unimaginable.

Polarization of Immigration Reform: What Side is More ‘American?’

In order to protect people like Sunaina Dumala and DREAMers, many wonder what actions need to be taken by the U.S. government to guarantee immigrants the right to obtain the status as a lawful citizen.

Ink Minx: An American-Pakistani Woman’s Journey to Tattoo Artistry

A childhood affinity for mehendi turned into an unlikely passion and career choice for one Pakistani American woman.
A Death in the Gunj

‘A Death in The Gunj:’ Konkana Sensharma’s Dynamic Directorial Debut

Reknowned actor Konkana Sensharma’s debut directorial, "A Death in the Gunj", film explores societal created stereotypes on masculinity.

Why Desis Need to Stop Saying the N-Word

The issue at hand is about the systemic racism operating against blacks in our society, racial slurs being just one symptom of the larger problem. The South Asian community is part of that problem.

Mehjabeen Hassan Takes Female Empowerment Forward One Outfit at a Time

Mehjabeen Hassan wants to break through South Asian norms and stereotypes in more than one way, and her clothing line is just the start.

Chester Bennington: Mourning the Eternal Rock Legend and Hero

The late Chester Bennington's magical voice spoke to the rebel within me and acted as a calming stimulant in the process of growing up.

Drag Queen Alex Mathew Talks About Co-Existing Identities, Fashion, and Maya

Drag for him is more than just a performance art. It Involves baring the deepest recesses of his mind, the one that society tries to intimidate him into repressing.

What you Need to Know About GOP’s Health Care Push

On June 22, 2017, Senate Republicans finally took the first steps to make good on their promise to repeal the Obama Administration’s Affordable Care Act, which endured its own uphill battle in Congress and in the Supreme Court to survive.
Begum Jaan

Vidya Balan’s ‘Begum Jaan’ Fails to Leave Audiences With Powerful Impact

Unique as the story is, the film fails to leave the powerful impact it had the potential to as a result of loose direction and poor scripting.

4 Ways Lakme Fashion Week Shunned the Average Societal Stereotypes

Let's delve in all that Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017 has given us to rejoice in—an active effort to promote inclusivity and all the feels of India integrating into the global fashion scene.

A Letter to my Future Daughter: You Will Be Amazing

From the day you are born, the world may seem like it is pitted against you and I will fight so hard for that not to be true. I wish for you to look up to the sky and see endless possibilities with no one to hinder you.

“Every Girl’s Story:” A Tale of One Woman’s Past

I wanted to asphyxiate it, so I concealed it in a distant nook in my cerebrum where oxygen could never reach. But it did not die, not that day, not in tens of years. It still unabashedly appears in front of my eyes, startlingly explicit and vivid in its detail.
muslim in america

Does ‘God Bless America’ Include Muslims?

Do the words “God Bless America” mean to be inclusive of Muslims? Can I, as an American Muslim, feel proud and included when POTUS refers to America as our incredible country?


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