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9 Mental Health Hacks: How to More Easily Afford Mental Health Support

by Sheena Vasani - Follow @SheenaVasani First, you have to deal with cultural stigmas and then you have to deal with finances. As a South Asian American, I know firsthand how difficult...

It’s No Secret: Social Anxiety in South Asian University Communities is Real

When you have social anxiety, it’s very hard to make friends, let alone long-term friends.

Promoting Menstrual Dignity is Something You Need to Get With—Period

Meet Binti, a U.K.-based social enterprise that promotes menstrual dignity through access to sanitary protection and education.

When Being ‘Alive’ Doesn’t Mean that you are ‘Living’

I bite my tongue and don’t say any of this, because I know that to Americans death is a terrible thing and wishing someone would pass on is nearly as sinful as committing murder. But this is not my perception of death.

How All Women Need to Look Out For Each Other

The question I have to ask is this: why don't women encourage other women to do better at work? Or school? Or sport?


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