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Patriarchy and Rape Culture Create Blame Game Instead of #JusticeforZainab

As of Friday morning, an arrest has yet to be made in Zainab’s case. The hashtag #JusticeforZainab has garnered worldwide attention in a movement designed to stop these horrific acts from occurring.

Ravi Bhalla New Jersey’s First Sikh Mayor Begins Term

by Aysha Qamar – Follow @aqamar92 "Today is not a victory for a narrow community. It is a victory for the principles and ideals of the United States of America," New Jersey Senator Cory Booker...

Indian vs. American: Dealing With a Cultural Identity Crisis

by Serena Vora - Follow @serenavora Growing up as a first-generation Indian-American in San Diego, I knew what it was like to be different. I went to a predominantly Caucasian elementary...
Anurag Kashyap

Anurag Kashyap Exposes the Harsh Reality of Sports Outside of Cricket in India with...

Aspiring boxer Shravan slogs day and night to achieve his dream of being a recognized boxer. Things go awry when he falls in love with a high-caste, mute girl who happens to be the niece of his arch nemesis.

SAIFF 2017: ‘In English we Say’ — A Story About a Mismatched Couple Finding...

by Sneha Goud - Follow @Sneha_Goud Among the latest generation of westernized, urban Indians, arranged marriages seem outdated and irrelevant. However, Harish Vyas’s latest film "In English We Say," playing on Friday,...

Starting Over in Your Career Doesn’t Always Have it to be Bad Thing

Leaving a job is kind of like leaving a relationship. The relationship part I'll leave for another article some other time. For this one, let's talk career.

Brown Boy of the Month Anand Kuchibotla is Carving his Spot in Hip-Hop

Music is everywhere in India; there, it’s the very essence of life. The hustle of the city might sound like noise, but there’s beauty in the chaos.
roy moore

Roy Moore: ‘As a Rape Victim, I am Furious You’ve Made it this Far...

When will men who don’t deserve to represent this country be rightfully thrown to the bottom where they belong? How can you blatantly stand in front of people and deny what you know you did?

Mindy Kaling & ‘The Mindy Project’: Fostering South Asian Representation From Pilot To Series...

by Saloni Gajjar - Follow @browngirlmag  “The Mindy Project” became the first American TV show created by and starring an Indian-American when it premiered in 2012 on FOX before moving to Hulu in 2015. Mindy...

Shanti Bhavan’s 20th Anniversary Gala in Manhattan Raised More Than a Million Dollars

On November 9th, 2017, Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project hosted a gala fundraiser for building the construction of their second school.

Vanity Fair’s Newest Editor-in-Chief Radhika Jones is More Than the Woman who Wore Fox-Printed...

To be targeting and undermining an individual for their choice of attire rather than focusing on their knowledge and experience is a shame.

Growing Up Indian-American—What That Means to me now That I am Older

The idea that being an Indian-American can be confusing is quite the understatement.

6 South Asian Brides you Aspire to Look Like on Your Wedding Day

Getting married is one of the most important moments in a woman’s life—a day that most young girls dream about. What may come second to finding the right guy is finding the perfect bridal outfit.

Poem: ‘Lost’

The Fields are black and ploughed. The cattle flushed and fed. With beads of perspiration on the brow And a turban on his head, He left.

#BornConfused15: ‘Dimple Lala Came Through to be Real, Relatable and Funny as Hell’

Born Confused has served as a beacon of awesomeness and a lighthouse for brown girls who are confused, feeling other-ed and just trying to make sense of it all.
mom guilt

Mom on a Mission: Reframing the ‘Mom Guilt’ Conversation

Kamana, a new mom, talks about the infamous 'mom guilt' and how she has reframed her feelings by considering herself on a mission when she is away from her child.
Krina Chauhan Just Promise Me This

‘Just Promise Me This’: Krina Chauhan’s Journey of London Love and Coffee

“Just Promise Me This” is the perfect read for a girly night or weekend in that we all need every once in a while by Londoner Krina Chauhan.
Surina Khira-Shah

The Reality of Motherhood: ‘I had to Search for the Fun Amongst the Tiredness...

If I manage to eat a hot meal or be able to use the bathroom alone, it's classed as a "good day". No, I'm not locked up in Guantanamo Bay, I have two kids!

Here’s a DIY Project you can Easily Tackle: Rainbow Diwali Diyas

Brighten up your Diwali decor with these DIY Rainbow Diwali Diyas.
Kareena Kapoor Khan

It’s 2017, Why Should I Change my Last Name After Marriage?

I believe that my name is my identity. Being married does not mean that I stop belonging to the family I was born in; I continue to carry my family legacy, married or not.


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