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cauliflower rice

Around the World in 7 Cauliflower ‘Rice’ Recipes

There's one place any impending travel bans simply can't touch—your kitchen. I'm here to show you how to cook your way across the world in the sanctuary of your kitchen while you explore the flavor profiles of iconic rice dishes.

Chana-ge a Trois: Chana Masala Three Ways

Shan Food's chana masala saves me from having to combine all the bevy of spices that contribute to making hella good chana masala.

Da Bomb-ay Biryani Gift Basket that You’ll Want to Make

It's that time of year. You're scrambling to get through your list of people you need to buy holiday gifts for. You're not exactly a baller, so, you have to stay mindful of your budget.

No One Can Say ‘No’ to Nihari and Savory Bone Marrow

Though meat and marrow curried versions exist all over India, perhaps the most popular version is nihari.

Shan Foods is ‘Squashing’ Traditions on Diwali

When I find myself short on time and energy, I always turn to Shan. This line of spice mixes makes my food taste like I put my back into it without me really having put my back into it!


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