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Sexual Assault and Intimacy: 5 Sex Tips I Wish Someone Told Me

Despite what anyone what may tell you, after such a horrible experience, you’re the only one who truly matters. Your physical health, your mental health, YOU.

For Two Months, Three Years Ago, But You Come Back: A Poem on Sexual...

That’s not how rape works, if he knew you didn’t want it, it's rape, but I made excuses anyways and I still do because what else do I possibly do? Does anyone have the strength to fight back every single night?
roy moore

Roy Moore: ‘As a Rape Victim, I am Furious You’ve Made it this Far...

When will men who don’t deserve to represent this country be rightfully thrown to the bottom where they belong? How can you blatantly stand in front of people and deny what you know you did?

Victim-Blaming Doesn’t Work: If You Want to Help, Listen to Victims First

Think of the last time you blamed someone. Did it make the victim's problems go away? Did the victim thank you for being such an inspirational person in their life? Did the victim increase their respect for you? Probably not.

#MeToo: How Much Longer Must We Bear the Burden of this Epidemic?

More often than not, women are bound together by horrifying experiences like these, as opposed to being bound together by positive forces. We get sentenced for something we didn’t do, something we didn’t have control over, something we had no say in. Instead, the world tells us we had a choice, we had power, we had a voice, and that we just chose not to use it.

#MeToo: Sexual Assault is Real and No One Deserves It

Sexual assault and abuse are everywhere. From Hollywood casting couches to schools to our streets. The #MeToo movement shows the magnitude of this problem. As I scroll through my timeline, it seems like I should be asking “who hasn’t” rather than “me too” and that disgusts me.
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‘When Did I Become Your Punching Bag?’: The Unspoken Truth of Domestic Violence

I don’t really remember where it all started. Maybe it was when we were arguing that one cold November night. My memory plays games; at times I can feel the winds, hear the hollowness of the winter that resembles but other times, it's as if someone put snow over my memory like a blanket. That night you got so upset you slammed your own fist down on our dining table.

Eradicating Violence Against Women and Victim-Blaming in Kerala

Ever since I was a child, I frequently traveled to Kerala, a state in India known as God’s own country. Kerala is one of the most educated states in India with a literacy rate of 94%. Besides education, Kerala is known for its natural beauty, tranquility, and strong, diverse cultural traditions. Unlike my other trips to Kerala, this trip was an eye-opener as I became aware of a different, grimmer image of the status of women.

5 Ways Desi Girls Can Heal From Sexual Assault

You may be dependent on your perpetrator. You may be told that you’re unmarriageable. You may worry about other people judging you. You may worry about looking weak. Or, you may be a very private brown girl who doesn’t know how to put her experiences into words (and that’s okay). With all of that in mind, it’s no wonder why some brown girls keep their abuse a secret.

Dear Sexual Assault Survivors: You Are Not Alone, We Will Stand By You

As women, from birth we are often told to be the epitome of beauty, virginity, purity, and ladylike behavior. We have to keep our virtue, otherwise it will bring shame to the family. People will assume that you were in the wrong for wearing certain clothes, for talking to the opposite sex, for being out past dusk, when the opposite is true for men.

Does An Oscar Win for Casey Affleck Mean Sexual Harassment & Violence Is Normalized...

by Anjali Bhakta - Follow @anjaliib  “I shall not change my course because those who assume to be better than I desire it.” — Victoria Claflin Woodhull As the Oscar nominations were being announced,...

An Open Letter to The Men Who Have Assaulted Women

The burden of womanhood is not one I should bear with such heavy heart, it is one that I should carry with joy and pride but yet you make me regret it?

#BrownGirlsTalkSex: I Can’t Forgive or Forget, But I Still Have My Pride

by Anonymous - Follow @BrownGirlMag Three years ago, if you asked me what I thought about sex, I would have told you this: “I want to wait for the right person and share...

Global Sisterhood: How the US Women’s Marches and India’s #IWillGoOut Movement Made Similar Statements

We both have struggles, which will only get better if we support one another. Women face the same issues, regardless of their country of residence. Our global sisterhood is vital and we need to protect it by encouraging and aiding our sister movements.

“Every Girl’s Story:” A Tale of One Woman’s Past

I wanted to asphyxiate it, so I concealed it in a distant nook in my cerebrum where oxygen could never reach. But it did not die, not that day, not in tens of years. It still unabashedly appears in front of my eyes, startlingly explicit and vivid in its detail.

Sex, Gays and Suicide: Why Taboo Topics Are the Downfall of South Asians

Twenty-three-year-old Samiha Khan jumped in front of an incoming train, committing suicide. Friends of Khan attested that she suffered from anxiety and depression.

‘Not All Trump Supporters Voted for Racist Reasons’ but Here’s What They Did Do

"Not all Trump supporters are racist" is both a lazy attempt to avoid accountability as well as a dismissal of the justified fear and anger of vulnerable minorities.

Restoring Hope to Sexual Abuse Victims with Project SHHH

For the first time, women’s rights and sexual abuse are trending topics with mainstream media due to a rise in reported cases.

What Does a Sexual Assault Survivor Look Like to you?

“I am a survivor of child sexual abuse,” I say. Then, to ease the discomfort of sharing something so intimate, I quickly follow up with, “I’m healing from it: I am going to therapy, and I’ve done a lot of work on my own.”

An Unsuitable Boy: A Short Story About A Fiance’s Betrayal

Deepika had brought misery to her mother ever since she had been born 21 years ago. Her mother had wanted to get her eldest daughter off her hands from the age of 16.


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