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#MeToo Goes Global: What Happened in Goa Doesn’t Stay in Goa

Today, in the Western world, I wouldn’t hesitate to trigger the alarm should anyone dare to sexually violate me. In India, I would still think twice!

An Open Letter to Survivors of Abuse Committed by Spiritual and Religious Leaders

Recently, police in Rajasthan arrested Falahari Maharaj, a godman, for raping a 21-year-old after promising to make her a judge. Unfortunately, taking advantage of religious authority to misuse power is nothing new.
domestic violence

‘When Did I Become Your Punching Bag?’: The Unspoken Truth of Domestic Violence

I don’t really remember where it all started. Maybe it was when we were arguing that one cold November night. My memory plays games; at times I can feel the winds, hear the hollowness of the winter that resembles but other times, it's as if someone put snow over my memory like a blanket. That night you got so upset you slammed your own fist down on our dining table.

Watch UN Women Pakistan’s Powerful New #BeatMe Campaign Video

U.N. Women Pakistan recently released a new video to fight against the domestic and sexual violence women face around the world and particularly, Pakistan. U.N.
domestic abuse

What it takes to be an Advocate for Survivors of Domestic Violence

I tend to think of myself as a pretty rational and practical person, and I often am, especially when it comes to giving relationship advice to my friends.

Restoring Hope to Sexual Abuse Victims with Project SHHH

For the first time, women’s rights and sexual abuse are trending topics with mainstream media due to a rise in reported cases.

The Damaging Narrative of ‘I Would’ve Told’

One of the biggest things survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA) struggle with is disclosure. We might blame ourselves for not asking for help when the abuse was happening, feel shame for living with the secret (or “letting it happen” to us), fear that we will be ostracized, unloved, unaccepted, and blamed if we disclose at all.

What Does a Sexual Assault Survivor Look Like to you?

“I am a survivor of child sexual abuse,” I say. Then, to ease the discomfort of sharing something so intimate, I quickly follow up with, “I’m healing from it: I am going to therapy, and I’ve done a lot of work on my own.”

An Unsuitable Boy: A Short Story About A Fiance’s Betrayal

Deepika had brought misery to her mother ever since she had been born 21 years ago. Her mother had wanted to get her eldest daughter off her hands from the age of 16.

Why You Need to Speak up About Your Sexual Abuse

One of the most terrifying, and liberating moments of my life was when I decided to share my story of being a sexual assault survivor on the biggest media platform in the world – the internet.

Speaking Out Against Victim-Blaming in Sexual Abuse

I have never been a spiteful person, nor have I ever been one to hold a grudge. This is the only time I feel like I have to share my story and stand my ground for what I believe in.

Sexual Assault in the Military

Discipline. Honor. Patriotism. Betrayal? With the recent surfacing of the worsening issue of sexual assault in the military,


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