‘The Problem With Apu’: The Impact of Apu’s Character on Desi-Americans Goes Beyond his...

by Liya Thachil - Follow @liyabobiya On a rather blustery evening, folks gathered in the Time Inc. building for an exclusive screening of “The Problem with Apu,” a documentary made by a...
neha rastogi

Thank You Neha Rastogi: An Open Letter to a Domestic Violence Survivor

From an outsider’s perspective, Neha Rastogi and her abuser lived an enviable life. But, behind closed doors, Neha endured frequent beatings and verbal abuse.

Kavita Mehra Talks About Sakhi, A Vehicle That Drives Female Empowerment Forward

There is a personal connection to our work at Sakhi, and working for an organization focused on gender based violence is the reason I entered the non-profit sector.
Creative Writing Workshop

Creative Writing Workshop Considered a Success!

Brown Girl Mag and Sakhi for South Asian Women came together for the Creative Writing Workshop. The event itself was a success with many women talking about the various South Asian taboo's. The group of women that attended the workshop discussed and wrote about their feelings and topics such as family, depression, sex, and so much more! Check out one of the story's and keep an eye out for the next workshop!

Creative Writing Workshop: “I Write My Narrative”

Our first writing workshop's goal is to creatively unearth the gender biases that shape our lives and affects our choices. Join Sakhi for South Asian Women NYC and Brown Girl Magazine on April 18th in NYC from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


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