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Rupi Kaur

A Night With Rupi Kaur: The First Time I Felt Seen in Literature

For the first time in my life, I felt like literature had been written for me. Here we had Rupi Kaur in the flesh addressing our religion and bullying on a stage in front of hundreds of college students eager to listen to her every word.

#BleedingLove: ‘I Thought I was Being Punished for Being a Woman’

Everyone looked at me as if I was filthy and would not come near me during any religious events. I started to believe it on my own while grimacing through debilitating cramps every month.

The Brown List: Staff Picks for November 2017

Whether you're looking for Thanksgiving recipes, a new nail polish, or ways to improve yourself, The Brown List has got you covered!
Rupi Kaur

A Rendevous with Rupi Kaur and Her Riveting Performance

Rupi Kaur’s formerly self-published collection "Milk and Honey" has sold 1.4 million copies around the world and is currently into its 16th printing edition.

Punjabi Daughters: Reclaiming Value Through Art and Activism

When my Punjabi identity gets infused with my love of the arts, I feel a whirlwind of emotion; the possibilities that exist to create, to deconstruct, and to redefine the parameters of what it means to be a girl, a woman, a daughter within the Punjabi community are so exciting.

Why it’s Important for Every Immigrant to Make Sense of Their Story

by Sruveera Sathi Earlier this week, I sat down to help a friend with her honor’s thesis on the experience of 1.5 Generation Indian Americans with the American public school system....

22 Badass Feminist Moments That Inspired us to Do Better in 2016

There is no better way to end this year than to remind ourselves of all the wonderful ways, from sports to politics to humanitarian endeavors, in which feminism prevailed.

What I Learned From Listening to Indo-Canadian Poet Rupi Kaur in Person

This quaint, independent bookstore was brimming with swarms of young people excitedly awaiting the arrival of Canadian poetess: Rupi Kaur—a 20-something-year-old Toronto-based photographer, writer, and artist who was debuting her first collection of poetry titled “Milk and Honey.”

Why Every Woman on Earth Should Read Rupi Kaur’s ‘Milk and Honey’

by Maria - Follow @Browngirlmag Attention, South Asian sisters! We have a gifted one among us, and she must be celebrated. Rupi Kaur is a twenty-three-year-old, Indian woman living in Ontario, Canada. She...

Here is a Change in Perspective on Desi FOBs You Need to Read About

Disclaimer: FOB is an acronym for Fresh Off the Boat and is normally designated for a recent immigrant. A Google search of the term will give you this definition: noun, informal, offensive, a recent immigrant especially regarded as being unassimilated.
Rupi Kaur

Spoken Word Artist Rupi Kaur Responds to her Viral Menstruation Photo

Sikh Canadian, spoken word poet and author of “Milk and Honey” Rupi Kaur recently voiced her side of the controversy surrounding a photo she posted to Instagram last week on Huffington Post Live’s #FreeSpeechZone with Alyona Mink.


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