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Unpacking the Definition of ‘A Perfect Guy’

Anonymous – Follow @browngirlmag “The Perfect Guy.” What the hell does that mean? What qualities is this magical man supposed to possess? Is he supposed to please everyone he comes into contact with? Sure,...

‘Before We Visit The Goddess’ Successfully Tackles the Problematic, Universal Cycle of Mother-Daughter Relationships

by Ragini Srikrishna - Follow @browngirlmag "Before We Visit the Goddess," by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni weaves a story that is all too familiar - unresolved issues between mothers and daughters. The story...
stacy singh

Stacy Singh’s Death Should Remind Indo-Caribbeans that Domestic Abuse is Real

Stacy Singh, 26, was stabbed multiple times by her husband Vinny Loknath before he hung himself in a nearby park. Her tragic death should be a wake-up call to all Indo-Caribbeans who know of someone suffering from domestic abuse, especially in light of movements like #MeToo -- we should be inspired to speak out.

Is Jagmeet Singh Engaged?

This past week, Canada's first Sikh NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh, made headlines once again. However, this time it wasn’t for his political prowess or his impeccable style. The light is being shone on his relationship.
Surina Khira-Shah

The Reality of Motherhood: ‘I had to Search for the Fun Amongst the Tiredness...

If I manage to eat a hot meal or be able to use the bathroom alone, it's classed as a "good day". No, I'm not locked up in Guantanamo Bay, I have two kids!

Brown Boy Answers: How do I Make him Spend More Time With Me?

Dear ZJ, I have been talking to a boy in medical school for several years. Our relationship is long distance and I find that whenever we have free time, he never wants to spend time with me.

#TherapyTalk: Choosing the Right Therapist for You

If you’re a South Asian that was raised to always obey your elders, please realize that you’re not responsible for taking care of your therapist. Your therapy sessions should be about you and your needs.

Dear My Main Man: A Daughter’s Letter of Love to Her Father

Dear My Main Man, I write to you because out of every helping hand I have received in this world, yours is the one with the most impact. You receive the least amount of credit and praise for the things you do. You’ve always stood back and let me shine or run in the rain knowing I always get caught up in a storm. You’re always stepping in when I call for you, knowing you can’t be more than a few feet away ready to comfort me in your arms as you have been doing for years. It’s time that light radiates on who you are and the love that you have shown me.

Here’s Why South Asians Need to Improve on How We Talk About Sex

This sexphobia in our upbringing created generations of innocence and misperceptions, whereas sexual knowledge is necessary for our self-determination in everyday life. While most parents are still puzzling whether we should sexually educate our children, society completely changed over two generations.

Poem: ‘Relishing in Comfort’

When we find ourselves in the embrace of love and affection, we often forget to emphasize on the regular happenings of the day. The very bond between a couple that binds them in simplicity and unspoken understanding, is often overlooked and not so much given attention to.

#BrownGirlsTalkSex: I Can’t Forgive or Forget, But I Still Have My Pride

by Anonymous - Follow @BrownGirlMag Three years ago, if you asked me what I thought about sex, I would have told you this: “I want to wait for the right person and share...

#BrownGirlsTalkSex: Committing the Mother of All Sins as a Pakistani-Muslim Woman

There’s no way I can repent for this sin. This is the MOTHER of all sins! And I kept replaying it in my head all night.

10 Warning Signs Your Arranged Marriage Husband Isn’t Right for You

There are a few things that are obvious red flags and need to be addressed in the course of a relationship before it turns as toxic as the radiation fallout from Chernobyl. So if you're a girl and you experience one of these things, you might want to reconsider your love story;
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An Intellectual Orgasm, ‘Jerry Springer and Pandas’: An Adventure in Speed Dating

As I confidently enter my late twenties and am constantly reminded by my well-meaning mother that the only way for my menial and insignificant life to be complete is by getting married (aren’t mothers great?); I am finding that perhaps there is a sense of urgency to respect when making the effort to find a life partner.

What is a ‘Bad Indian’? — From a Woman With Several Indian Friends

Later that night, I thought about that judgmental comment. I would never dream of making someone feel like they are a “bad Indian” nor would I make assumptions. I would never say “Oh, well, I think it is important to know your mother tongue” or essentially ask them to justify why they have the friends they have. And yet that person can make assumptions or comments about me?

4 Reasons to Relish Your Single Status

I’m at that stage of my life where every single girl around me keeps on complaining about her single status.

How All Women Need to Look Out For Each Other

The question I have to ask is this: why don't women encourage other women to do better at work? Or school? Or sport?

What I Learned When I Was Promoted to ‘Aunty’ Status

My fearless nature knew no bounds and my mind was a hot-headed mess as a child and later when adolescence struck. I also resented the idea of having a younger sibling.

A Daughter-in-Law’s Letter About Conflict to Her Mother-In-Law

To all those mother-in-laws who feel the need to control, manipulate, and put their daughter-in-laws through some sort of hazing ritual, here is my letter to you.

Struggles of a Bangladeshi-American Woman who Doesn’t Believe in Marriage but Hopes for Love

As a young girl, I swore I would never marry. Never was I one of those girls who envisioned and planned for a wedding of grandeur. I never dreamt of a faceless man who would one day sweep me off my feet. I never wished to share my deepest thoughts and darkest emotions with someone else. From the very beginning, I was against the entire institution. Marriage, I would say, was not in my future.


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