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The Brown List: Staff Picks for May 2017

by BG Staff - Follow @browngirlmag Spring is in full swing! At BGM, we're throwing all our sweaters into storage bins and breaking out the sunscreen and dresses. Get your flower power...

Why Beyonce and her ‘Lemonade’ are Unbelievably Unreal

“She isn’t real,” one of my friends said to me after watching "Lemonade." The words and the idea have been a defining, consistent and consensual reaction to Beyoncé’s existence for as long as I

How Anti-Blackness Affects my South Asian-American Identity

I recently attended a weekend-long conference, the South Asian Americans Leading Together's Young Leaders Institute in Washington D.C., on addressing and confronting anti-black racism within the South Asian-American community.

Is Craig Hicks, the Suspect in the Chapel Hill Shooting, a Terrorist?

It would appear that the media has a color-coded definition for murderers. Black suspects are often made into hardcore street-criminals; Middle-Eastern/South Asian suspects are often made into brainwashed terrorists, but white suspects are usually painted as lone wolves, and often “mentally-ill.”

The Sikh-American PSA’s Message is Here to Stay

The Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund is the first ever Sikh-American public service announcement. The PSA is a major milestone in the fight against discrimination towards Sikhs, it serves the public by breaking misconceptions and misguided notions, while also showcasing remarkable Sikh-Americans.

What Racism Feels Like in East Harlem

BG Sheena shares her plight with racism while living in the populated East Harlem section of NYC, in this must-read hot topic. Through her eyes and at times comical words, we see the greater picture of racial injustice, and how it doesn't spread itself thinly even for young professional women living alone in the big Empire city.
spelling bee

Spelling Bee Twacism, a Letter of Thanks

Two boys tied and won the spelling bee, and due to their race they were subjected to horrendous social media comments that were inappropriate and unintelligent. As a reaction to recent racism against the South Asian community Lalit Kundani explains to us the meaning of "Twacism." Follow Kundani's riveting look into racism displayed through social media site twitter.com.
Cross Cultures

Finding Your Different

Ever feel like your burying the part of you that is culturally different from the society we're surrounded by? #BG Vaidehi shares with us a wonderful story of finding her own difference and how owning that part of you makes you a more whole person.

Brown Among Black

Every year, I feel as though my attachment to India becomes increasingly stronger. Spending five months studying abroad in Ghana (hence my absence from BG) has forced me to think about my identity in ways that I never had previously.

Not Wanted: Selective Diversity

Imagine this: You’re strolling down the sea wall with the love of your life, a beautiful blue pastel sky as your backdrop. The fluttering breeze plays with your hair while above, seagulls chase after one another in a daring game of tag.

Why the Name ‘Brown Girl Magazine’?

Recently, a couple of our readers commented on the title of Brown Girl Magazine and provided us with some very interesting questions to answer.

Warning: Brown Anger Ahead

But I woke up the next morning, and it got ugly. Time magazine published an opinion (humor?) piece by Joel Stein about Indian immigration in his hometown of Edison, New Jersey. Full of nostalgia and recycled clichés, there isn’t much in it worth talking about.

Mickey D’s Happy Price?

In another example of Western-style capitalism exerting its influence in the East, McDonald’s new marketing campaign for India tries to make a connection between misogyny and pleasure

Western Condescension of Hinduism

This was an experience I dealt with many years ago, and interestingly enough many Hindus are still dealing with today: the misrepresentation and subsequent belittlement of Hinduism. For a religion as established and tolerant as Hinduism, it is disrespected in the West through other outlets than just public education. Through media and marketable fashions and trends, the face of Hinduism becomes no more than what is represented by many in the West, a “mythological,” pagan religion.


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