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Ankita Kumar Ratta

Solo Show ‘Undercover Indian’ Explores the Trauma of Reverse Culture Shock

"Undercover Indian" is a new solo show that delicately explores the trauma of reverse culture shock from the first generation Candian perspective.

Kavita Rao of Karmagraphy Takes Bollywood Dancing To A Whole New Level with ‘Aaja—A...

Meet Brown Girl of the Month— Owner and choreographer of KARMAGRAPHY—a hidden treasure of South-Asian entertainment—Kavita Rao talks about the vulnerability of being a brown artist, rejecting a performing opportunity at Trump’s inauguration, and the debut of her brainchild Aaja—A Tale of Karmic Destiny.

South Asian Dance Teams Bring Mental Health to the Stage

In fact, when it comes to people suffering from mental illnesses, an effective way to help them cope may actually be dance. Since the mid-1990s, dance therapy has actually been an approved form of treatment for those suffering from severe cognitive problems, according to the American Dance Therapy Association.

A Modern Twist to the Iconic Tragic Love Story ‘Devdas’

Bringing a modern twist to an iconic Indian tale, Junoon Performing Arts and the Hypokrit Theatre Company once again join together to bring you a spectacular dance piece.

‘Karisma’ Takes the Stage in an Eclectic Fusion of Cultural Performances

In spite of a budding rain storm lurking beneath gray skies that evening, KARISMA, a South Asian-oriented charity arts showcase organized yearly, pulled off its fifth consecutive fundraising performance with success.


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