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Dear My Main Man: A Daughter’s Letter of Love to Her Father

Dear My Main Man, I write to you because out of every helping hand I have received in this world, yours is the one with the most impact. You receive the least amount of credit and praise for the things you do. You’ve always stood back and let me shine or run in the rain knowing I always get caught up in a storm. You’re always stepping in when I call for you, knowing you can’t be more than a few feet away ready to comfort me in your arms as you have been doing for years. It’s time that light radiates on who you are and the love that you have shown me.

My Story of Living a Double Life: Indian and American

I learned that having henna on my hands was “weird” and Bollywood references were not something widely related to...and so I started hiding them.

Why I Cherish Relationships With My Long-Distance Family

As I left work the other day, I excitedly told my coworkers that I was about to meet up with my visiting family from India. I was going to take them to some of the touristy nice parts of town, since it was their first time in Canada.

Ariel’s Heartfelt Laundry Detergent Ad Gives Fathers a Reason to Talk About Gender Roles

Ariel India’s new laundry detergent advertisement is the latest success in high impact product marketing with a powerful social message.


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