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Letter to my Son: ‘We Know You Will Change the World’

I’m so excited to celebrate our first Mother’s Day together! On this day, I want to share with you the greatest lessons I learned from your Nani.
pregnancy myths

What’s the Truth in Popular Pregnancy Myths?

Kamana discusses the realities of pregnancy by decoding popular pregnancy myths such as cravings, diet, fitness, and emotional challenges.
mom guilt

Mom on a Mission: Reframing the ‘Mom Guilt’ Conversation

Kamana, a new mom, talks about the infamous 'mom guilt' and how she has reframed her feelings by considering herself on a mission when she is away from her child.

Renting High-End South Asian Designer Wear is Now Possible With Indus Threads

Since my wedding was almost three months ago (!), one of the most common questions I am receiving from readers is where to shop for a South Asian wedding, what are the latest trends, where to shop affordably, and who are the best designers.
india boluevard

Design the South Asian Outfit of your Dreams with Online Fashion Store India Boulevard

India Boulevard is a match made in heaven for young South Asian American women because the online store works with fashion boutiques to deliver custom-made outfits right at your doorstep.