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Indian vs. American: Dealing With a Cultural Identity Crisis

by Serena Vora - Follow @serenavora Growing up as a first-generation Indian-American in San Diego, I knew what it was like to be different. I went to a predominantly Caucasian elementary...

Four Ways to Raise a Confident Girl Child in Today’s World

Today, we celebrate the fifth International Day of the Girl Child, but when it comes to raising a girl in a South Asian household, we, as parents, are so confused that we pass on that confusion to our girls.
south asian restaurants

6 South Asian Restaurants You Didn’t Know You Had to Try

We, at Brown Girl Magazine, made it easier—here are six South Asian restaurants in the tri-state area you have to try!
african american

‘The Strongest Bond of Fraternity’: Social, Political And Artistic Links Between India And African...

Indians and African Americans share longstanding social and political connections that go back to the late 19th century. These connections, grounded in the shared anti-colonial and anti-racist histories of the two groups, and their impact on American politics and culture are usually overlooked in historical accounts of Indo-US ties.
gabbar singh

Trump Appoints Gabbar Singh As U.S. Secretary of Defense

To replace Mattis, Trump has appointed Gabbar Singh as the new U.S. Secretary of Defense — the antagonist of the 1975 blockbuster "Sholay."

Rida and Hazim’s Wedding: The Happily Ever After.

Rida and Hazim had what they call an "offbeat Indian-Pakistani Muslim Wedding" and boy is it something to see.
Bollywood Land

India Officially Renamed ‘Bollywood Land’ By White Marketing Execs

LONDON, UK - British retailer, ASOS, recently came under fire for selling an obvious tikka as a 'Chandelier Hair Clip' on their website.

Behind the Scenes with NASHA: Purdue University’s South Asian Dance Competition

Having started five years ago, NASHA began as an effort to spread the name of Indian dance at Purdue University. Today, the show’s board continues with this mission to promote culture and diversity on campus.
Iota Nu Delta

23 Years of ‘Mind, Body and Soul’: Join Iota Nu Delta Fraternity, Inc. 2017

Each brother’s story is told differently, but one thing that remains true is how Iota Nu Delta has molded that story. They can tell you how they’ve met world presidents, created revolutionary apps and ideas, became CEO’s and world class surgeons, became real estate moguls, and served for our country, etc.

What is a ‘Bad Indian’? — From a Woman With Several Indian Friends

Later that night, I thought about that judgmental comment. I would never dream of making someone feel like they are a “bad Indian” nor would I make assumptions. I would never say “Oh, well, I think it is important to know your mother tongue” or essentially ask them to justify why they have the friends they have. And yet that person can make assumptions or comments about me?
pallazzo pants

The Rescue Mission: From Churidaar to Palazzo

Have you been thinking of reusing something old in your wardrobe but can’t get inspired on how to recycle the clothes? Well, I think I’ve got a bit of inspiration for you! Trust me, now is the best time to recycle and innovate using your existing Indian wardrobe

When Being ‘Alive’ Doesn’t Mean that you are ‘Living’

I bite my tongue and don’t say any of this, because I know that to Americans death is a terrible thing and wishing someone would pass on is nearly as sinful as committing murder. But this is not my perception of death.

A Modern Twist to the Iconic Tragic Love Story ‘Devdas’

Bringing a modern twist to an iconic Indian tale, Junoon Performing Arts and the Hypokrit Theatre Company once again join together to bring you a spectacular dance piece.

My Story of Living a Double Life: Indian and American

I learned that having henna on my hands was “weird” and Bollywood references were not something widely related to...and so I started hiding them.

What I Learned From Listening to Indo-Canadian Poet Rupi Kaur in Person

This quaint, independent bookstore was brimming with swarms of young people excitedly awaiting the arrival of Canadian poetess: Rupi Kaur—a 20-something-year-old Toronto-based photographer, writer, and artist who was debuting her first collection of poetry titled “Milk and Honey.”

How NOT to Throw An ‘Auntyji’s’ Diwali Party: Spreads, Puffs, and Puris

Are you itching to adult a little this year and host your own Diwali party? Do you want to host with style yet not spend an excess amount of money or time? We got you covered! This won’t be your Auntyji’s Diwali party, trust us.

‘To Nani, With Love’: What I Learned From my Grandmother’s Death

"When Nani's hands grew shaky, I helped feed her. When she was mostly bedridden, I would lay down next to her and hold her hand. When she was admitted to the ICU, I never thought that she would actually leave us."

Mother-Daughter Duo of Sanrai International Improve Global Healthcare

Amarpreet and her mother, Jaspreet Rai, own Sanrai International, a company that sells healthcare diagnostic and treatment tools in countries around the world.

Finding the Right Therapist: Should you Seek Counseling From a Desi?

Therapy is supposed to be that emotionally safe place where you are offered an empathic ear to explore what you’re going through. The last thing a prospective client would want is to feel criticized or treated like you're not good enough.

30 Things I Learned from my Experience as an International Student in the USA

Getting to America was almost the easier part. My purpose was clear: I was here to get my degree. I wanted to hopefully find a job, and get sponsored so I can pay back my loans, make money, etc. But I soon learned these goals were not that simple. I had no idea how things worked in the America, I had no family, and nobody to


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