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Munch on These Marvelous Mediterranean Lamb Burgers for the Perfect Burst of Flavor

by Palak Patel This post was originally posted on The Chutney Life and reposted with permission.  I love lamb, but it is the one thing I never really make at home. I...

The Samosa Grilled Cheese That’ll Serve all Your Sweet and Savoury Cravings

by Palak Patel Ok. Let me start by saying that if you have to pick just ONE recipe to make from this little blog of mine, you want it to be this one....

A Christmas Sangria That Will Have Everyone Singing Your Praises

Christmas is just around the corner! While you're scrambling to put together your favorite festive meal, don't forget to add this sangria to your menu and impress your guests!

Warm up With a Cup of Chai and This Besan ke Ladoo Recipe

These besan ke ladoo will instantly take you down memory lane because they're just like Dadima used to make them.

7 West Indian Thanksgiving Dishes to Add to Your Table this Year

Here are 7 West Indian Thanksgiving dishes we enjoy, and I’m sure your guests will love them, too.

Your Eating Habits won’t Define You—You’re so much More than that.

Who you are was never about your eating habits. There's more to you than what goes into your mouth— a lot of it has to do with what comes out.

This Diwali Menu will Earn you all the Michelin Stars this Festive Season

Since this is a cultural festival, I like to keep my recipes as authentic as possible—I try to give my guests a taste of India through our Diwali menu.

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice—What’s In Your Chai?

With all the different types of chai out there I’ve learned that there is no perfect way to make a cup of tea because chai is a very personal experience.

Sweet Potato Cashew Cream Sauce And Brown Rice Pasta: A Recipe by Mistake

This pasta and sweet potato cashew cream sauce recipe will ensure you never go back to basic pasta again!

Mom’s Homemade Butter Chicken: A Timeless Classic in the Kitchen

Since I am a butter chicken enthusiast, it only felt right that I shared my favorite recipe.

The Need to Stop ‘Columbusing’ Curry and More!

Curry, for example, was the newest food trend not too long ago. Really? I’ve been eating curry for all 28 years of my life.
henna cookies

7 Hand-Shaped Henna Design Cookies For Your Mehendi

You’ve been eyeing those Pinterest boards of the ridiculously cute henna hand cookies, re-configuring your budget, and justifying paying for such a delicious detail. No judgement here.

10 Recipes That Are Holiday Cookie Goals

10 cookie recipes with decorating instructionals on how to jazz up your holiday cookie like a bawse!

What Idli Means to a First Generation Indian-American

How could I possibly fit the full essence of an idli, in the typical attention span of someone who asks me that question? So that’s why I’m writing this piece. To go beyond, “it’s a steamed rice cake.”

A Hearty Homage to ‘Brown Sugar’

Do you remember watching the movie "Brown Sugar" and wanting the promise of the ”buddy AND booty” that clung to Sidney (Sanaa Lathan) and Dre’s (Taye Diggs) relationship?

What Do Donald Trump and Curry Have in Common?

So, what do Donald Trump and curry really have in common? Both have yellow, oily stains.

How to Throw a Chaat Party

Aside from finding just about any type of chaat delicious, you know what else I love about the Indian snack? It’s ability to make for a quick and impressive buffet for entertaining!

Concerning Chicken: Don’t Date, Marinate!

Many years ago, I found myself in a relationship and then a series of breakups with one particular man. Even a Bollywood flick would be jealous meandering and convoluted plot lines.
cauliflower masala mac and cheese

Michelle Obama’s Cauliflower Mac and Cheese with a Masala Twist

I created this comic months ago but, I felt it right to share now during the whole Melania-plagiarism scandal that has rocked the country.

Healthy Thandai: The Original Turmeric Latte

by Akansha Agrawal One Saturday evening, I was walking to my favorite juice shop, Project Juice, looking for a mid-day snack. The sales lady convinced me to try their turmeric milk and...


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