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Traveling the Long Road From Patriarchy to Freedom

by Diya Peter – Follow @browngirlmag I grew up as an immigrant here in the U.S. My family was unapologetically Catholic and Indian. Patriarchy was always my reality, my only way of life. The rules...

A Father’s Perspective: ‘I Wanted a Son But We Had a Daughter’

Growing up as a person of Indian descent, it is ingrained in you that when it comes to having a child—a boy is better than having a girl.

Dear My Main Man: A Daughter’s Letter of Love to Her Father

Dear My Main Man, I write to you because out of every helping hand I have received in this world, yours is the one with the most impact. You receive the least amount of credit and praise for the things you do. You’ve always stood back and let me shine or run in the rain knowing I always get caught up in a storm. You’re always stepping in when I call for you, knowing you can’t be more than a few feet away ready to comfort me in your arms as you have been doing for years. It’s time that light radiates on who you are and the love that you have shown me.

Reasons Why My Father is an Undercover Feminist

At face value, my dad is a traditional Punjabi, conservative and serious father who just wants the best for his daughter. Yet over the years, all of the guidance he has provided me and all of the choices he has made for me have all screamed feminism. The decisions he made in raising me would make Sheryl Sandberg proud; however, his behavior was never meant to work towards feminism or gender equality -- it was just a great externality.

March for Science Los Angeles: What We Can do to Defend Science

I'll be joining the March for Science Los Angeles to stand up not only for science, but for people like my parents.
Trisha Arora

Trisha Arora’s Vlog: Pushing Forward One Year After Her Dad’s Passing

Losing a loved one is intensely overwhelming and emotionally exhausting, but Brown Girl Trisha Arora’s vlog gives us a glimpse of hope because we hear how she bravely handled everything that came after the passing of her father, Ravi Kant.

The Day I Lost my Best Friend and Father Ravi Kant

As most of you know, the past month or so has been the absolute worst time of my life. I lost my father on August 22, 2014. He went into cardiac arrest in his sleep at his apartment in Kentucky and was later found dead later that afternoon. The reason I want to share my story with you is because this is my way of getting all my emotions out in one place. Everyone is telling me they admire how strong I am, but they don't realize that I don't have a choice.

My Guide, My Best Friend, My Dad

I have always wanted to be just like my dad. He’s ambitious, wise, funny, humble and extremely talented. He was the one taking care of me, getting me ready for school and somehow managed to put my hair into a palm tree-like ponytail until I could do my own hair.


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