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gagan gandhi

Fast Five with Budding Poet Gagan Gandhi Reveals What Inspires Him to Write

Gagan Gandhi is a Toronto-based aspiring insta-poet, his work is primarily about love and life and you'd be surprised at where he finds comfort writing his daily musings.

‘Fast Five’ Interview with Budding Actor Neil Desai

Up-and-coming actor Neil Desai spills about work, the entertainment industry and We talk about his work, the entertainment industry, and the future of South-Asian Americans in media.

‘Fast Five’ Interview with Guyanese-American Art Curator Grace Aneiza Ali

Migrating to Washington D.C. at the age of 14, her curatorial work heavily focuses on migration, particularly from Guyana, and examines the intersections at which art, activism and social change connect. We were happy to speak with Ali recently about the ways in which her chosen profession shines a light on artists of the Guyanese diaspora.

Toronto Based Artist, Aman Chahal, Might Be the Next Inkquisitive in the Making

Aman Chahal is a Toronto-based passionate young artist who’s changing the game with a stroke of a brush.
shruthi mathur

Indian-American Journalist-Turned Actress Shruthi Mathur on Working in Bollywood and Hollywood

For Indian-American actress, writer and reporter Shruthi Mathur, life came full circle when she was offered a role in the recent Bollywood film “Banjo."
Fried Cheese Balls

‘Fried Cheese Balls’ is the Intelligent South Asian Webcomic We’ve Been Waiting For

"My story begins with an arranged marriage. My dad was 20 years old. My mom was ten years old. This blows my mind. How does a child agree—or does she?"
arjun kamath

Arjun Kamath’s Photo Series ‘Color of Our Skin’ Captures Plight of Dark-Skinned Women

Kamath recently made international headlines with his photo story titled “Color of our Skin.” The story of a dark-skinned Indian girl named Ranika, the photo collage takes the viewer through a visual journey and sends the message that unfair is needed lovely.
kumar arora

Investor Kumar Arora of ‘Cleveland Hustles’ Proves Indian-Americans are no Longer Your Typical Doctors...

Kumar Arora sure knows how to stay busy. Two weeks ago, Kumar made his television debut as one of the four investors on the new CNBC reality series, "Cleveland Hustles," executive produced by Lebron James. See the profile video below:
Amit Jani

Amit Jani’s Leadership Program Gives Young South Asians a Chance to Start a Career...

Brown Boy Amit Jani is part of a small but growing group in America: the South Asian American politician.
Kausar Mohammed and Krishna Kumar

Kausar Mohammed and Krishna Kumar Talk Acting, American Culture, and South Asian Stereotypes

YouTube stars Kausar Mohammed and Krishna Kumar talk acting, American culture, and South Asian stereotypes as "Pinky" and "Rupesh."

Actress Anita Kalathara on Breaking Into the Mainstream Film Industry

Anita Kalathara is an Indian-American actress born in New York and now based in LA. Selected to be in ABC’s Talent Showcase 2015, Anita most recently wrapped YouTube Red’s first feature "Dance Camp," the FOX feature "Mono" and the indie film "Trafficked" with Ashley Judd.

Keeping Up with America’s Favorite Dholi

by Tina Lapsia - Follow @browngirlmag While there are dozens upon dozens of teams and dancers in the North American bhangra community, there is one name that almost everyone knows: Dholi Ram....
kabir chopra

Triple Threat Kabir Chopra Keeps it Real Through Romantic Comedy

Last month, writer, director,and actor Kabir Chopra, created a short film called "Ghosted," which chronicles the awkwardness of online dating and what happens when you bump into someone who, like the title says, ghosted you.

Producer and Medical Student Vissagan ‘VGo’ Gopalakrishnan on Inspiration and the Power of Music

Last year, Vissagan Gopalakrishnan, known by his producer name “VGo,” revolutionized the art of mixing and mastering Bollywood music with the release of his four-track "Bajirao Mastani" EP. If you missed it, please check it out below.
poonam and priyanka shah

Twin YouTube Choreographers Poonam & Priyanka Shah on Going Viral

Last year, I discovered Poonam and Priyanka Shah's "Ramta Jogi" choreography video on YouTube and became slightly addicted. Since then, I've kept in touch with the two and we've talked every now and then about their successes and all the new experiences in their lives. The classically bharatnatyam trained twin sisters are now moving into some unknown territory and working on new things.

Here’s What ‘Neerja’s’ Hijacker and Real Life Model Abrar Zahoor Has to Say on...

February 19, 2016 marked a very special day in the life of model Abrar Zahoor. He made his much-awaited debut in the biopic “Neerja,” which revolves around the true story of the Pan Am Flight 73 hijack in September of 1986.
Anubha Bhatla

New Jersey-Based Anubha Bhatla is on a Mission to Design a Kid-Sized Science Laboratory

Anubha Bhatla, a scientist, teacher, engineer, the founder of Curiosity Lab Inc., is a curious Brown Girl (pun intended), who has hopes to improve her company’s visibility and design a kid-sized laboratory.
sharbari ahmed

‘Quantico’ Staff Writer Sharbari Ahmed Speaks on South Asian Representation of Screenwriters in Television

With "Quantico's" winter finale just past us, we can't help but feel a void in our lives. So, we want to celebrate the show's 11-episode success and two People's Choice Awards nominations by highlighting Sharbari Ahmed, a co-writer of episode eight, "Over," which saw 4.20 million viewers, and solo writer of next year's episode, "Clear."
gerrard lobo

‘Master of None’ Gerrard Lobo Speaks on His Experience of Acting From a South...

We had the opportunity to talk to Gerrard Lobo, who plays “Anush” (and delivers one of my favorite lines of the show—“Is Mindy Kaling real?”) about his experience working with Aziz, being a Brown actor in mainstream media, and if his workout routine is anything like his character’s. Gerrard is a Villanova graduate with experience in modeling, theatre, and, surprisingly, investor relations.
Kovid Gupta

Indian-American Kovid Gupta Marks his Big Screen Debut as Assistant Director of ‘Prem Ratan...

This week, Brown Boy Kovid Gupta’s first venture as an assistant director releases on the big screen for the world to see.


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