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‘Not Our Daughter’ – Kalbir Bains’ Trials and Tribulations as a Daughter-In-Law in an...

Not our Daughter” is the true story of a daughter-in-law — British Indian Kalbir Bains' story. The story follows a modern-day Punjabi woman her life in an arranged marriage and raises the question - can a daughter-in-law ever become someone else's daughter?
Trust No Aunty

‘Trust No Aunty’: The Comic Irony of Surviving as Desi Millennials

by Amrita Kumar-Ratta - Follow @browngirlmag  Including an aunty spice meter, adapted recipes, tips and tricks for dating, dealing with family pressure and unwanted career advice, and a humorous take on cultural...

Traveling the Long Road From Patriarchy to Freedom

by Diya Peter – Follow @browngirlmag I grew up as an immigrant here in the U.S. My family was unapologetically Catholic and Indian. Patriarchy was always my reality, my only way of life. The rules...

Motivated by Heartbreak: How my Brother’s Death Inspired Me to Be my Best Self

by Humna Tariq – Follow @browngirlmag About 20 months ago, I lost my brother Ammar in a car accident. It’s been a heart-wrenching journey of soul searching and coming to terms with a reality that...

Beenu vs. Binita: How Having Two Facebook Profiles Keeps Relatives at Bay

I was desperate to find a solution that kept my gossip-loving relatives away from more pictures of normal college life experiences, which would certainly involve parties and friendships with white boys. Gleefully, I created a second Facebook profile under my Nepali nickname, Binita!

My Babies Went From Foes to Friends and it was Simply Magic

As a child, I hated my brother stealing the attention away from me but now I can't live without him. I want that bond for my sons and I look forward to all that is to come. When my youngest son leans over and plants a kiss on his brother's cute face, it's magic. My heart just melts watching their bond grow.
domestic violence

Confronting Domestic Violence Within my Indo-Caribbean Family

Lisa Ramadhar remembers the first time she met her mother, but little did she know that on that landmark day it would lead to a truth bubbling below the surface of domestic violence, immigration and how to pair her parents, the abuser and the abused, with herself.

‘Be Brave! Be a Mother!’: Words of Wisdom When Traveling Abroad With Toddlers

When you've paid for your infant to sit on your lap on a flight for seven hours and there's nowhere to hide, be brave. Be a mother!

A Father’s Perspective: ‘I Wanted a Son But We Had a Daughter’

Growing up as a person of Indian descent, it is ingrained in you that when it comes to having a child—a boy is better than having a girl.
pregnancy myths

What’s the Truth in Popular Pregnancy Myths?

Kamana discusses the realities of pregnancy by decoding popular pregnancy myths such as cravings, diet, fitness, and emotional challenges.
mom guilt

Mom on a Mission: Reframing the ‘Mom Guilt’ Conversation

Kamana, a new mom, talks about the infamous 'mom guilt' and how she has reframed her feelings by considering herself on a mission when she is away from her child.
Surina Khira-Shah

The Reality of Motherhood: ‘I had to Search for the Fun Amongst the Tiredness...

If I manage to eat a hot meal or be able to use the bathroom alone, it's classed as a "good day". No, I'm not locked up in Guantanamo Bay, I have two kids!
mass mutual

Give your Kids the Bright Future they Deserve With College Savings

We grew up in Edison, New Jersey, so naturally, we were exposed to our culture, Bollywood, dancing, and singing very early on. However, no matter how much interest we had in those extracurricular activities, we were continuously pushed to focus attaining a higher degree.

My Last Hours: A Journey From India to America – Part II

“Beeji everything you’ve given me, I’m taking with me. I’ll use everything you taught me when time comes…I’ll always try to do the right thing.”

A 600-Mile Family Trip to Wisconsin Turned Into an Amateur Photographer’s Dream

I was probably the last person to think Wisconsin would be my vacation substitute (sorry Wisconsin natives!). But boy, was I wrong.
Eid Party Family Picture Urdu Mom

How to Plan an Eid Party for Children

Since having children of my own, I have tried to maintain traditions so that they have fond memories and associations with their Pakistani-Muslim heritage.

6 Mumbai Street Foods You Need in Your Life

Here’s a list of six of my favorite Mumbai street foods for every Brown Girl!

55 Experts Reveal Their Best Indian Weddings Tips for South Asian Brides

These 55 Indian wedding tips are everything you need to plan the perfect nuptials.

Mehjabeen Hassan Takes Female Empowerment Forward One Outfit at a Time

Mehjabeen Hassan wants to break through South Asian norms and stereotypes in more than one way, and her clothing line is just the start.

Traveling with the Little Ones

Great tips for traveling with kids including packing, on route and staying arrangements.


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