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6 Lohri Desserts to Serve With Your Chikki and Revdi This Weekend

Of course, chikki and revdi are the classic must-haves when it comes to Lohri, but it doesn't mean you can't have other sweetmeats to please the palate!
settle down

Marriage Isn’t at the top of my Agenda, and That’s OK

I’m somehow at that point in my life where everywhere I turn, I see someone or another getting engaged or married, while I’m completely happy for these people and believe marriage is a wonderful thing, the added pressures of getting married in the Indian community are absolutely INSANE.

Indian vs. American: Dealing With a Cultural Identity Crisis

by Serena Vora - Follow @serenavora Growing up as a first-generation Indian-American in San Diego, I knew what it was like to be different. I went to a predominantly Caucasian elementary...

Understanding Modern Christmas Card Culture

By Shruthi Parker - Follow @BrownGirlMag Ahhhh Christmas cards. Americans send more than two billion cards each year! Those post office employees have my prayers haha. What’s funny about that statistic is...
Anisa Topan

UK’s ‘The Apprentice’ Anisa Topan Reveals Details on Life After 8 Weeks on Hit...

While I may not have majored in business when I was at university,  one of the shows I have grown to love in my time in London is a fan favourite known as "The Apprentice."

Make a Killer Style Statement the Next Time You’re in Cuba

It doesn't matter if you go to Cuba for the salsa, the cars, or the beaches, remember to strut down the island in style!
domestic violence

Confronting Domestic Violence Within my Indo-Caribbean Family

Lisa Ramadhar remembers the first time she met her mother, but little did she know that on that landmark day it would lead to a truth bubbling below the surface of domestic violence, immigration and how to pair her parents, the abuser and the abused, with herself.
history of ghoomar

The History and Symbolism of Ghoomar

Outside of its Bollywood dressings, ghoomar is a traditional Rajasthani folk dance representing feminine energy and devotion to the Goddess Saraswati.
Ankita Kumar Ratta

Solo Show ‘Undercover Indian’ Explores the Trauma of Reverse Culture Shock

"Undercover Indian" is a new solo show that delicately explores the trauma of reverse culture shock from the first generation Candian perspective.
brown feminist

Myths on the Ideal Brown Feminist

While many brown voices have been raised in the rejection of -isms and forms of power and oppression, one particular image of a brown feminist has been repeated throughout these dialogues.

7 West Indian Thanksgiving Dishes to Add to Your Table this Year

Here are 7 West Indian Thanksgiving dishes we enjoy, and I’m sure your guests will love them, too.

Growing Up Indian-American—What That Means to me now That I am Older

The idea that being an Indian-American can be confusing is quite the understatement.

RajasthaNY(C): An Ode to the Gypsy Queen That Lives Within

The series RajasthaNY(C) encapsulates the beauty of Rajasthani tradition fused with the enchantment of New York City.
Malala Yousafza

Malala Yousafzai Trolled for Wearing Skinny Jeans and Western-Style Clothing—Highlights Society’s Ignorance

To comment on Malala Yousafzai's choice of clothes undermines everything that she has fought for - it highlights a very real disease in our society.

Designer Ayush Kejriwal Breaks Barriers with Desi Fashion

With his recent successes and controversies in mind, Ayush Kerjiwal reflects on what it means to stay true to oneself, the importance of self-love and standing up for one's beliefs.

‘I Hate Halloween’: The Tales of a Serial Indian Princess

I wanted to come out ahead on Halloween, so instead of waiting for people to ask me what I was supposed to be, I proactively branded myself. “I’m an Indian Jasmine.”

Dancing Twins Poonam and Priyanka Share Their Advice on Pursuing Your Passion

These talented women have captivated a diverse audience with their Bollywood, hip-hop, and classical dance routines. They shared details about their success and experiences so far and the goals they want to accomplish in the future.
Shankar Mahadevan

Shankar Mahadevan’s U.K. Darbar Musical Extravaganze was an Opportunity of a Lifetime to Watch

Indian classical music maestro, Shankar Mahadevan performs at London's Soutbank centre as part of this year's Darbar festival of Indian classical music.
Krina Chauhan Just Promise Me This

‘Just Promise Me This’: Krina Chauhan’s Journey of London Love and Coffee

“Just Promise Me This” is the perfect read for a girly night or weekend in that we all need every once in a while by Londoner Krina Chauhan.

#BGSpeaksUp: Twitter Chat Sparks an Important Conversation on South Asian Mental Health

The narrative surrounding mental health in South Asian countries is negative at best - and more often nonexistent. As children of those who immigrated from these countries (or immigrants ourselves) we often don’t know how to approach our mental health, or that mental health is even something to consider.


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