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8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ask People of Color Where They are Really From

Among people of color, this question is universally panned and acknowledged as the most annoying ones we can receive. Still, we continue to be on the receiving end of it more times than we care to recall, in every situation imaginable.

The Battle Against Islamophobia Begins With Solidarity

We need to recognize Islamophobia as more than an idea that influences one religious group and see it as a fear that attacks the supposed foreignness of all Easterners and brown individuals.
Let Sikhs Play

Dear FIBA, Why Won’t you #LetSikhsPlay Basketball?

It was over a month ago when FIBA (Fédération Internationale de Basket-ball), one of the national organizations that oversees international basketball competitions, humiliated two Indian basketball players Amjyot Singh, 22, and Amritpal Singh, 23, by asking them to remove their turbans at an Asian Championship qualifier game in China. Yet again only last week, Anmol Singh was asked to remove his turban in a game in Qatar.
Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Angers the Hindu Community–AGAIN

Retail giant Urban Outfitters has done it yet again. The major store, which tends to attract teenagers and young adults, is known for its tendencies to create and market items that commodify and appropriate other cultures. The Hindu community has not been immune to their practices.

What Racism Feels Like in East Harlem

BG Sheena shares her plight with racism while living in the populated East Harlem section of NYC, in this must-read hot topic. Through her eyes and at times comical words, we see the greater picture of racial injustice, and how it doesn't spread itself thinly even for young professional women living alone in the big Empire city.
Cross Cultures

Finding Your Different

Ever feel like your burying the part of you that is culturally different from the society we're surrounded by? #BG Vaidehi shares with us a wonderful story of finding her own difference and how owning that part of you makes you a more whole person.


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