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Dear Everyone: My Culture is Not a Costume For You

The same kids that thought my traditional clothing was weird, that my food smelled funny and who assumed my culture was barbaric, are now walking around wearing bindis, matha pattis (headpieces) and saris, raving about how their life has changed after throwing some turmeric in their latte.

Labelling The Roots of South Asian Fashion to Solve Cultural Appropriation

When POC (people of color) are ridiculed for wearing traditional garments and are ostracized as easy targets to emit racist remarks at whilst Caucasian people are praised for wearing those same garments, principals how cultural appropriation is existent and dangerously thriving.
Bollywood Land

India Officially Renamed ‘Bollywood Land’ By White Marketing Execs

LONDON, UK - British retailer, ASOS, recently came under fire for selling an obvious tikka as a 'Chandelier Hair Clip' on their website.

5 Desi and Non-Desi Cultural Appropriation Mishaps

Over the past few months, we’ve seen quite a few glaring instances of cultural appropriation taking place within both desi and non-desi communities.
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Why The Turmeric Latte Craze is Amusing for South Asians

I grew up in India, and I cook Indian food and sometimes wear Indian clothes, but for the most part, like most of my Indian counterparts, I find myself living in an intersection of west and east. I take many aspects of my culture for granted.
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11 South Asian Traditions That Are Sure to Blow up as Hipster Trends

From Holi to The Color Run, chai tea to the turmeric latte, from yoga and dandiya raas workouts to artisanal chutney, who better than white millennial hipsters to pick and choose the best parts of brown culture for mass consumption?
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Did We Just Culturally Appropriate Beyonce’s ‘Formation?’

It’s ironic and quite frankly somewhat inappropriate to dance along to her song with our own routines. “Formation” is a song about black power, black culture and black movement—it is not a song for us to understand through our own dances or our own culture. It is not a song for us, period.
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The Discussion We Need to Have: Cultural Appropriation vs. Cultural Appreciation

I come from a culture that was born from years of “appropriation” as it would be termed today. The way I understand my existence encapsulates so many pockets of the world because the Caribbean is infused with traditions, big and small, from around the globe.
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The Blatant Cultural Appropriation in “Fuller House” is Not Cool

"Fuller House" was really good until it attempted to showcase Indian culture (episode 11) by having the characters throw an "Indian themed" party. AN INDIAN THEMED PARTY! OH! In another blatant example of cultural appropriation, thousands of years of rich history and heritage are reduced to a party theme for white people's amusement and consumption.

Representation or Appropriation in Coldplay’s ‘Hymn for the Weekend?’

Just a week before their Super Bowl halftime show, Coldplay released the music video for “Hymn for the Weekend” featuring Beyoncé. Set in Mumbai, India, the video shows the band playing Holi with children in the street, while Beyoncé is portrayed as a Bollywood film star on the silver screen.
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Coldplay’s ‘Hymn for the Weekend’: Cultural Appropriation or Not?

Is Coldplay’s new “Hymn for the Weekend” music video starring Queen B and Bollywood beauty, Sonam Kapoor yet another example of cultural appropriation in pop culture or is Coldplay truly appreciating Indian heritage?
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8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ask People of Color Where They are Really From

Among people of color, this question is universally panned and acknowledged as the most annoying ones we can receive. Still, we continue to be on the receiving end of it more times than we care to recall, in every situation imaginable.
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Learn Better Do Better: Don’t Let Cultural Appropriation Dictate Your Halloween Costume

There is one loathsome genre of Halloween costumes has not yet vanished; the dreaded, “edgy” culture-based costume.
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Hey, White Folks, This is What Cultural Appropriation Feels Like

Cultural appropriation is becoming a more widely used term but it sometimes misses the mark when speaking specifically in regards to particular post-colonial cultures being commandeered by the monolith of white supremacy.

One Disillusioned Brown Girl’s Search for an Honest Yoga Studio

Are there yoga studios that do not actively use cultural appropriation to make money? Where the instructors are trying to do better? Where their marketing platform does not include an ego-driven elevation of individuals (and their dogs)? A place where the multi-faceted components of yoga are not summarized in a search for the perfect butt?

Dye-ing Culture: Color Run, White-washing Holi Since 2012

The Color Run™, and other similar ideas like Run or Dye™, is a great and fun way to run with your friends, come together as a community, get showered in colored powder, and not have to deal with all that annoying culture that would come if you went to a Holi celebration.


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