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Brown List

The Brown List: Staff Picks for February 2018

Love is in the air! Whether you're snuggling up to bae or a nice gallon of ice cream, you'll be falling for our February staff picks.

The Standards of Beauty: Deepika Padukone’s Disappointing Femina India Cover

by Vaidehi Gajjar - Follow @vgajjar95 America has Queen Bee, Beyoncé, and India has Queen D, Deepika Padukone. There’s no doubt in my mind that Deepika is the definition of perfection for so many women...
Amena Khan

How One Publication’s Witch-Hunt Caused Hijabi L’Oreal Model To Step Down

According to time stamps on the website, the same reporter at The Daily Caller published a second article about Khan just two hours after the first on January 18. The headline reads “L’Oreal’s New Hijab Model Is Virulently Anti-Israel.”

Clearer Skin and a Fresher Face with the Magic of Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are best known for their uses in pickles, jams and marmalades—owing to the unique tangy flavours that they possess. However, to say that this all that the citrus fruits...

Brown Girl of the Month Saman Munir Rules Hijabi Fashion and Fitness

Saman Munir is a Canadian Hijabi beauty blogger, stylist, fitness advocate and model from Toronto. She has amassed over 250K avid followers on Instagram, who tune in to learn from her...

The Lush Sleepy Lotion is Guaranteed to Lull You to Sleep in no Time

Lush's Sleepy Lotion is infused with lavender and other essential oils to help you relax and fall asleep. Not to mention that it will make for the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season!

5 Winter Lipstick Colors you Have to Rock This Holiday Season

A little change in your winter lipstick colors always goes a long way, and we show you how!

Christmas Comes Early with Rihanna’s Newest Bold and Colorful Fenty Beauty Collection

Rihanna's newest Fenty Beauty products are an assortment of cosmetics that introduce bright and bold colour — perfect for the festive season!

Vanity Fair’s Newest Editor-in-Chief Radhika Jones is More Than the Woman who Wore Fox-Printed...

To be targeting and undermining an individual for their choice of attire rather than focusing on their knowledge and experience is a shame.

Toronto Women’s Fashion Week was all About Simplistic Fashion and Every Woman’s Wardrobe—I Loved...

Toronto Women's Fashion Week shows everyone what simplistic fashion is all about.

The Brown List: Staff Picks for September 2017

The weather is cooling down, but we're still getting summer breezes. It's weird weather time, but BGM's staff picks will keep you right on track.

Want Eyelash Extensions? Here’s Everything You Need to Know and More!

I loved my look after my eyelash extensions, it was natural yet flirty—just the way I wanted it! Now you can have the look too!

Minimalistic is the New Majestic: New York Fashion Week Beauty Trend Report

New York Fashion Week introduced thousands of new trends to the fashion and beauty world, but the one we took away was minimalistic beauty trends are everyone's new go-to, and we know exactly why!

Poem: ‘The Beauty of Switzerland’

The miniature and multi-colored cables cars Set off in a blink of an eye from side to side While penetrating through the immeasurable Atmosphere of the natural world.

Micellar Water: The Ultimate Cleansing Product and New Fan Favourite

Micellar water is the new go-to for everyone's beauty regime and it's so clear why!

5 Pro Tips On How to Make Your Foundation Last Longer

You may have had a really long day or it's just one of those sweltering summer afternoons, the last thing you should worry about is your makeup! Here are 5 sure-fire ways to help your foundation last longer!

5 Skin Care Tips to Guarantee Flawless Skin This Fall Season!

by Sanjana Arefin - Follow @minfin_ So I hate to break it to you girls, but summer is almost over (whoops, sorry!). Although you have a decent amount of time to fit...

55 Experts Reveal Their Best Indian Weddings Tips for South Asian Brides

These 55 Indian wedding tips are everything you need to plan the perfect nuptials.

It’s Never Too Late to Rock Your Sunnies And Here Are The Ones You...

Everyone loves a good pair of sunnies, but which ones suit your face best? Brown Girl is here to help you decide!

Learning Self-Love Through Photography

I’ve never done a photoshoot before. I don’t know how to model. Hell, I don’t even like being in front of the camera. At first, I didn’t even recognize myself. I looked incredible! All the things I was insecure about seemed to fade away. The photography was art.


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