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Signs of Climate Change Oceans Apart: How You Can Help Houston and South Asian...

What both these incidents have in common, apart from their obvious tragedy, is that they are both consequences of climate change. In a few cases, disaster relief can become disastrous itself. When people with good intentions donate things that aren’t wanted in a disaster response, the consequences may actually be harmful.

Mehjabeen Hassan Takes Female Empowerment Forward One Outfit at a Time

Mehjabeen Hassan wants to break through South Asian norms and stereotypes in more than one way, and her clothing line is just the start.

The Struggle of Deciding Between Being Bengali or American

In all reality almost everything about me was different, to my brown hair/eyes, my olive complexion, and my ability to speak a language my peers have never even heard of.

Learning to Connect with my Daak Naam vs. my Bhalo Naam

What is your name? I remember being asked. I was confused and turned to my mother for an answer. Not because I didn’t know my own name. I just didn’t know which one to say.

‘It’s Just Hair, Right?’ Dealing With Hair Loss as an Indian Woman

While it is widely accepted amongst men, female hair loss is rarely discussed. Standards of beauty across the globe elevate women with thick, luscious locks. From Shakespearean sonnets to “Becky with the good hair,” hair is a defining and universal symbol of beauty, culture, femininity, and fertility.

The Chunni Project: A Movement to Empower Indian Women

The Chunni Project is a movement that was started a few months ago by a 19-year-old writer, Harman Kaur. She began it with the hope that it would help empower other Indian women by giving them a platform to share their stories and experiences.

Why Every Woman on Earth Should Read Rupi Kaur’s ‘Milk and Honey’

by Maria - Follow @Browngirlmag Attention, South Asian sisters! We have a gifted one among us, and she must be celebrated. Rupi Kaur is a twenty-three-year-old, Indian woman living in Ontario, Canada. She...

A Daughter-in-Law’s Letter About Conflict to Her Mother-In-Law

To all those mother-in-laws who feel the need to control, manipulate, and put their daughter-in-laws through some sort of hazing ritual, here is my letter to you.

‘Stories by Rabindranath Tagore’ Reanimates the Complexity of 20th Century Bengal

RabindranathTagore’s works have made their way into dozens of Bengali and Hindi film adaptations. Nothing, however, is quite as pure and honest as Anurag Basu’s “Stories by Rabindranath Tagore.”

Join the #StopHate Revolution, But First Watch New Music Video ‘Bliss’

Using art to further social change is arguably one of the most powerful advocacy tools for individuals and agencies. Composer and full­time student Naeim Reza did just that when he released "Bliss," his first music video aiming to #stophate and violence in the global community.

Mending the Worldwide Bangladeshi Community After Violence In Dhaka

When Bengali's share their happiness and love with each other, they will also share their grief. When one person hurts everyone else does too. When I heard that two of the victims in the café attack in Dhaka about a week ago, were students from the nearby Emory University, I was crushed. They lived so close to me.
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Exploring Bangladesh: ‘Reforming 9 Year Old Drug Addicts’

In a five-part series BG Saeeda Zaman recounts her unforgettable experiences of working in Bangladesh.

Exploring Bangladesh: ‘Where Do You Want to Eat?’

In a five-part series, Saeeda Zaman recounts her unforgettable experiences of working in Bangladesh.
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Exploring Bangladesh: “How to Become a 9 Year Old Drug Dealer”

In a five-part series BG Saeeda Zaman recounts her unforgettable experiences of working in Bangladesh.
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Exploring Bangladesh: “When the School Bell Rings”

In a five-part series BG Saeeda Zaman recounts her unforgettable experiences of working in Bangladesh.

Here is How One Brown Girl Explored Bangladesh as More Than Just a Summer...

In a five-part series BG Saeeda Zaman recounts her unforgettable experiences of working in Bangladesh.
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‘Without Shame’ Is a Must Read Book About East Pakistan Era-Bangladesh

A harrowing tale of love, family honor, and tradition, "Without Shame" by Katherine Russell will leave you at the edge of your seat, wanting more and more with the turn of each page. It's rare to find a book about East Pakistan era-Bangladesh that truly moved me both historically and culturally, Russell managed that for me.

Director Leesa Gazi Hopes to Give Bangladesh’s Birangona a Voice in her Upcoming Film...

It was while reading Pakistani author, Kamila Shamsie’s novel, "Kartography" I came to know about the thousands of Bangladeshi women who were raped during the 1971 Liberation War of Pakistan.

Getting to Know Tania Rashid, the Brain Behind ‘A Crime Unpunished: Bangladeshi Gang Rape’

If you are a sucker for Vice News documentaries and videos, then you have got to see the work of Tania Rashid, the journalist behind the documentary "A Crime Unpunished: Bangladeshi Gang Rape." In this interview, she gives us a glimpse into her career, the pivotal stories that she has covered, and her own thoughts on the gang rape issue in Bangladesh.
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Knotty Gal Supports Female Education in Bangladesh Through Fashionable Jewelry

s a kid, I never thought I’d be a founder of a company that sounds like a website you’d get red-flagged for visiting at work. I definitely didn’t think I’d be running that company with - of all people - my own mother.


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