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‘I Hate Halloween’: The Tales of a Serial Indian Princess

I wanted to come out ahead on Halloween, so instead of waiting for people to ask me what I was supposed to be, I proactively branded myself. “I’m an Indian Jasmine.”

Scarves: A Representation of my Pakistani-Japanese-Muslim-American Self

I hold the (unofficial) world record for the number of scarves owned. Different cuts, fabrics, colors, textures—I'm a scarf enthusiast with a collection boasting 258 scarves. Since the first day of high school, a total of 1,098 days so far, I’ve always worn a scarf around my neck. It’s not just a slip of fabric that makes a bold fashion statement. My scarves make a statement about a major stereotype I face as a Muslim female: the hijab.
gabbar singh

Trump Appoints Gabbar Singh As U.S. Secretary of Defense

To replace Mattis, Trump has appointed Gabbar Singh as the new U.S. Secretary of Defense — the antagonist of the 1975 blockbuster "Sholay."
immigrant legislation

The Travel Ban Isn’t New: America’s History of Restrictive Immigrant Legislation – Part I

“GET out of my country” is what the white, Navy veteran Adam Purinton is alleged to have said before shooting and killing Indian Srinivas Kuchibhotla and wounding Alok Madasani in Austin’s Bar

The Struggle of Deciding Between Being Bengali or American

In all reality almost everything about me was different, to my brown hair/eyes, my olive complexion, and my ability to speak a language my peers have never even heard of.

The Survival Kit: 6 Things to Know Before Moving to America

You’ve dealt with traffic, nosy neighbors, and men who hold pinkies as they hoot at you. Show America what you got and enjoy your time in this amazing nation!

Embracing Second-Generation Cultural Identities in the Holiday Season

As a second-generation Indian living in a Judeo-Christian town with relatively unreligious parents, the lack of cultural identity in my life was palpable. I longed to be part of a distinct culture, whether it be the Indian roots that my family came from or the mainstream Judeo-Christian culture I was surrounded by.

When Impeccable American Manners go Awry in South Asia

Just as trial-and-error taught me how to decline invitations the desi way, I will surely commit and then learn from many more faux pas in the years ahead.

My Story of Living a Double Life: Indian and American

I learned that having henna on my hands was “weird” and Bollywood references were not something widely related to...and so I started hiding them.

Donald Trump: The Most Dangerous Man-Child of America

I believe that it will truly be a blow to our ability to believe in good and to have hope for the future if [Donald Trump] becomes the next President of the United States. Every American eligible to vote should go out and vote against this madman. Because people like Hitler did not rise to power through divine intervention, he rose to power due to the silence and apathy of those who knew better than to subscribe to his bigotry.

Being ABCD: The Debate About Diversity and Culture

What does it mean to be ‘ABCD?’ The letters stand for ‘American Born Confused Desi.’ It is coined as a derogatory term for Indian children who behave more in accordance with American culture rather than their Indian roots.
mindy kaling

Mindy Kaling Sports the ‘Invisible’ Look, But I am Still Wondering, Are Indian-American Women...

Granted, the Super Bowl feels like ages ago and football season is officially over, but the thought of Mindy Kaling starring in a Nationwide commercial airing during the game's prime time is something I cannot let go of. And even though I am one of those who does not care for the big game, except for the wings and company, I was especially excited to watch the much-hyped 30-second commercial.

The Asian American Vote

According to the Census data, Asian Americans are among the fastest growing minority groups in the United States.


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