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Starting Over in Your Career Doesn’t Always Have it to be Bad Thing

Leaving a job is kind of like leaving a relationship. The relationship part I'll leave for another article some other time. For this one, let's talk career.

Brown Boy Answers: How do I Make him Spend More Time With Me?

Dear ZJ, I have been talking to a boy in medical school for several years. Our relationship is long distance and I find that whenever we have free time, he never wants to spend time with me.

The 9to5 Misfits Explain Why Engineers Need to Network too

Let’s begin with a story. There was once a young woman, born and brought up in Dubai and steeped in Indian culture who moved to Texas to study engineering.

Eating Indian Food on Valentine’s Day: Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self

Know thyself. Know thy body. And know what to order! Happy Valentine’s Day, Loves!

Travel With Family: A Wise Friend’s Advice to a Desi Nomad

I’m sure every traveler will tell you that traveling isn’t the same for all: Experiences, the people you meet while you travel, and even the way in which you decide to live while away, drastically gives everyone a different type of experience.
alpha desi woman

How to Win the Desi Alpha Woman’s Heart

We’ve all heard of the alpha male, which is your typical hero of the story, yet we rarely hear about the heroine, the alpha female.
desi independent women

9 Tips for Dating Independent Desi Women

Dating independent Desi women is like dating someone who has Type A personality. They have their minds made up, they know what they want and there’s no time for games or drama. It’s about living and growing together to better both parties futures, instead of one persom dragging the other along.
Paging Pri

Arranged Marriage Gone Wrong, ‘Paging Pri’ to the Rescue

BG's advice columnist Pagin Pri gives hands-on advice to a reader struggling in her newly arranged marriage. Pri tells "Lost Soul" ways to communicate and prevent arguments with her husband, as well as, figure out if this marriage is truly for her.
Paging Pri Priya Tahim

Meet The Staff: Priya Tahim

BG's advice columnist 'Paging Pri' lets us into the world of Priya Tahim.

Paging Pri: Dear “Seeking Inspiration”

Our advice columnist & love guru, Paging Pri, picked up one of our reader's concerns from our website into her hands. If you can relate to the comment left below and have your own questions, feel free to send us more questions and concerns at [email protected] or leave us a comment below!

Advice Column: Paging Pri from “The Other Woman”

Dear Pri, I’m a senior in college and I met this guy in a club over summer break while I was on vacation with my girls. We instantly connected. We danced the night away, and we hugged/kissed and exchanged numbers.

Advice Column: Paging Pri

Dear Pri, My ex-boyfriend of three years and I broke up two years ago because of cultural differences and our parents not accepting each other.

Wise Brown Girl: Crossing the Line

Dear Wise Brown Girl, I am 23 years old and have found myself in a wonderful relationship with a Nigerian guy. He is an engineer and comes from an amazing family (A family that most Indian parents would happily send their daughters).

Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Job That Makes You Happy

Picture this: You’re eight years old and your grade school teacher asks you what you want to be when you grow up. After some thought, you answer with something extremely ambitious like: a doctor, an astronaut, artist, or firefighter. At eight years old, you see no obstacles and have no fear.

Dear Seema Aunty

Dear Seema Aunty, This one is kind of silly but...I recently moved farther away from my parents than I ever had (I went to college out of state, but still in the same region of the country) and started a new career...

Dear Seema Aunty

Dear Seema Aunty, I am a 23 year old, brown girl from a brown land and I like other brown girls (and also girls of other colours). But you know how brown world is. They will never accept me - not my family. Suggestions?


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