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Brown Girl of the Month Kiran Rai AKA KayRay Pushes Boundaries Through Digital Storytelling

My name is Kiran (the ray of light) Rai—which often also gets confused with the pronunciation as Ray. My father named me after my parents went to the gurudwara for the Naam Karan ceremony (Sikh ceremony of naming a child) and the letter 'Kakka' came up.
sarish khan

Fashion, Films and Fairness: A Conversation with Sarish Khan

In November 2016, our Brown Girl of the Month Sarish Khan made a huge leap of faith by taking a one-way flight to Pakistan to pursue her dream of an acting career. With no projects lined up, she auditioned until she was discovered and found her way into films.
Nivedita kulkarni

Brown Girl of the Month Nivedita Kulkarni Found Her Authentic Self and Won Herself...

Nivedita Kulkarni is a writer, actress, and comedian based in NYC. She was recognized as a rising Asian American performer in Hollywood by HBO's East of Main Street. Nivedita has worked in development at Segal NYC, is a nominator for the 2017 Kilroy Awards, and can be seen on TV & commercials nationwide.

Actress Anita Kalathara on Breaking Into the Mainstream Film Industry

Anita Kalathara is an Indian-American actress born in New York and now based in LA. Selected to be in ABC’s Talent Showcase 2015, Anita most recently wrapped YouTube Red’s first feature "Dance Camp," the FOX feature "Mono" and the indie film "Trafficked" with Ashley Judd.
Jaya Prasad

Netflix’s ‘Family Party’ Actress Jaya Prasad on Building an Acting Career as an Indian-American

There has never been a better time to be an Indian in Hollywood—and “Family Party” actress Jaya Prasad couldn’t agree more. Prasad, 27, plays the role of Arti on Netflix’s 50-minute narrative that indulges in the Indian-American lifestyle and evokes laughter and emotion while doing so.

Indian-American Actress Anjali Bhimani Speaks on her Role of a Lifetime in ‘Roof of...

As an actor, you dream about that once in a lifetime role, the role that you know you were born to play. Not out of ego, but because the minute you read it, you know who this person is, and you fall in love with the world that the writer has created.
priyanka chopra

Priyanka Chopra’s New ‘Quantico’ Teaser–Empowering or Demeaning?

It has been a little over a month since it was announced that the pilot of the new ABC series “Quantico” starring Priyanka Chopra was picked up. The trailer looked promising upon its released and received positive feedback.
Anjali Bhimani

Actress Anjali Bhimani in ‘Miss India America’ And Other Upcoming Work

Anjali Bhimani has come a long way. She brought Indian flair to her role in the stage interpretation of Kipling’s Jungle Book, and then moved on to other things. Now, fresh from her success with appearances in the hit TV show “Modern Family,” and her new film Miss India America.
burq off

Nadia Manzoor’s Autobiographical One-Woman Show Explores Life as a British-Pakistani

Nadia Manzoor used to be a self-admitted liar. Telling a white lie here, a little fib there — it was the only method by which she could successfully navigate through the harrowing terrain of growing up in North London as a Pakistani-Muslim girl — and still maintain her sanity.
Veena Malik

How Veena Malik Became Pakistan’s Most Hated Woman

Pakistani actress Veena Malik has been slapped with a blasphemy charge of 26 years for acting in a mock wedding on Geo TV while religious music played in the background. Her husband Asad Bashir Khan along with the chief of Geo TV and the host of the show have also been charged with the same offense.
preity uupala

Brown Girl of the Month Préity Üupala is Multi-Talented Model/Actress of Indian-Portuguese Descent

I come from a very unique, and interesting background. My family loved to travel so I have traveled to over 45 countries and grown up in five major cities. After my university graduation in IT and Marketing, I was offered a scholarship to study for a PhD at my alma-mater but, instead, I decided to quick start my corporate life. I worked for investment banks in Sydney, New Zealand and the U.K. I planned to one day have my own firm, but gave up my corporate dream to pursue a career in acting and modeling after awakening my artistic talents and winning a few beauty pageants.
they call me q

Indian-American Actress Qurrat Ann Kadwani Stars in One-Woman Off-Broadway Show ‘They Call me Q’

Written and performed by Qurrat Ann Kadwani, “They Call Me Q” is the true epitome of a one-woman show! In June, Kadwani made headlines in the theater world when she became the first South Asian woman to ever have a solo Off-Broadway show. The play tells a story of a young girl growing up in Bronx, New York, with traditional Indian parents, eager to fit in with her culturally diverse peers.
Tiya Sircar

7 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Actress Tiya Sircar

Tiya Sircar, 32, is an American actress of Indian decent who is primarily known for her roles in "The Internship," " Vampire Diaries" and "17 Again." Get to know this budding star better with these seven need-to-know facts!

Anjali Bhimani on The Jungle Book’s Indian Flair

Actress-singer and February Brown Girl of the Month Anjali Bhimani, who we last caught up with during her final weeks

Multi-Talented Actress and Brown Girl of the Month Anjali Bhimani Continues to Grace Theatre...

I'm not really sure what specifically made me choose acting as a career, other than realizing somewhere around high school that this thing I loved to do, performing, was something I could actually do for a living!


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