by Sampat Jewellers  This post is brought to you by our newest sponsor Sampat Jewelers—a modern-day Indian jeweler, specializing in contemporary diamond mangalsutras. All images, and the video, in this post, are created by Darshana Shetty(model), Vama Designs (outfit), Glam Angélique (MUAH), Ashish A. Kharat (direction and video production), and Sampat Jewellers (fine...
The first book in this new series, tells the tale of her love and friendship with her Ammachi (grandmother) and Aama (turtle).
As a child, I was obsessed with reading books, so I want to instill the same habits in my son. I am always on the lookout for new reads that can help build my son's vocabulary and open his...
Ethnic Thread is mobile app for women to exchange ethnic fashion—they can sell, rent, or exchange with anyone who is interested in South Asian fashion, in the community.
Here's a picture list of everything odd you'll probably see, only in India
Here's presenting to you some of the craziest matrimonial ads we've seen in a while—really, what were people thinking before they put these up?!
I sincerely wish that I had known about Rent it Rani when I was a bride-to-be because it is a high-end jewelry rental service that ships anywhere in the continental United States.
We recently fell in love with Jai Jai Hooray’s new 10-set flashcard collection and couldn’t be happier to share our experience with our friends at Brown Girl Magazine.
What are the most common stereotypes associated with us South Asians?
I think it’s safe to say that a lot of the comeback trends that we take advantage of today, come from the 90’s.
Being a staple in South Asian jewelry (India is the third-largest diamond consumer in the world), diamonds are a must-have for South Asians around the world.
No one told me that there comes a stage in your adult life when you look in your closet and nothing is really you anymore. Despite changing body shapes, tastes, and fashion trends, my closet had grown stagnant.
Look for the best deals and discounts, and here are some tips and tricks to follow on your next shopping spree.
In light of all these mishaps and the fashion faux pas moments, here's a courtesy list of things you should NOT wear to your bffl's wedding—and trust us, we're really sparing the bride the horror!
In case you need some help, India Boulevard is here to rid all your fashion faux pas woes and highlight what's hot in style as we speak!
The bold borders and additions like latkans have added personality to any dupatta and us fashionistas can now actually start styling it as a stand-alone piece.
Celebrate your love for seafood with these easy tips for what to look for when shopping for fish!
I’m at the Winter Fancy Food Show, an annual trade show featuring the newest and most popular specialty food products, with thousands of pounds of samples and tasters, and I’ve managed to forget to try anything.
Shan Food's chana masala saves me from having to combine all the bevy of spices that contribute to making hella good chana masala.
I strongly feel that style has multiple meanings and functionalities. It’s not a definition, but a reflection of me that evolves constantly, and weathers as I mature and continue to identify with myself.

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