Being a staple in South Asian jewelry (India is the third-largest diamond consumer in the world), diamonds are a must-have for South Asians around the world.
No one told me that there comes a stage in your adult life when you look in your closet and nothing is really you anymore. Despite changing body shapes, tastes, and fashion trends, my closet had grown stagnant.
Look for the best deals and discounts, and here are some tips and tricks to follow on your next shopping spree.
In light of all these mishaps and the fashion faux pas moments, here's a courtesy list of things you should NOT wear to your bffl's wedding—and trust us, we're really sparing the bride the horror!
In case you need some help, India Boulevard is here to rid all your fashion faux pas woes and highlight what's hot in style as we speak!
The bold borders and additions like latkans have added personality to any dupatta and us fashionistas can now actually start styling it as a stand-alone piece.
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I’m at the Winter Fancy Food Show, an annual trade show featuring the newest and most popular specialty food products, with thousands of pounds of samples and tasters, and I’ve managed to forget to try anything.
Shan Food's chana masala saves me from having to combine all the bevy of spices that contribute to making hella good chana masala.
I strongly feel that style has multiple meanings and functionalities. It’s not a definition, but a reflection of me that evolves constantly, and weathers as I mature and continue to identify with myself.
Growing up as an Indian-American, I had to forge my own identity, one that combined the rich culture, values and traditions of my roots with the free-spirit and ambition of the country I call home. In doing so, I also forged a distinct personal style, and fashion, that strongly reflects the beautiful clash of cultures that composes my hyphenated identity: East Meets West.
Dhotis (mundu) are a huge staple of South Indian attire. For a long time, dhotis were predominately worn by men but it has finally become a part of female fashion as well.
Yes, dosa, kulcha, and luchis are all popular at home, but only naan seems to have broken through to the level of General Tso’s chicken.
With an affinity for classical art forms naturally swimming through her veins, it is no surprise that Raghavan has become a celebrated Bharatanatyam performer herself. Her Bharatanatyam show, "Voices," choreographed in partnership with her mother, Usha Raghavan, premiered in London last year and was received with resounding positivity.
My fashion has certainly evolved over the years. In college, ripped jeans and cute little tops were my go to options. But that quickly changed when I began my 9 to 5 corporate job and my wardrobe transitioned from "college girl" to business casual; my walk-in closet was now lined with button up blouses, knee-length pencil skirts, and several navy blue and khaki slacks.
I consider my style to be feminine with a mix of tomboy-meets-street. Expressing my artistry, and balancing it out with a neutral semi-femme style, is how I best describe my fashion.
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Your wedding will undeniably be your best day! You will be happy, excited, anxious, restless, day-dreaming, and what not.
It's that time of year. You're scrambling to get through your list of people you need to buy holiday gifts for. You're not exactly a baller, so, you have to stay mindful of your budget.
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