The following post is in partnership with indiktich, a restaurant offering a wave of fast-casual Indian food full of real flavor, and no hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, or GMOs. Visit their website to check out their menu and feast at...
Chai: the quintessential drink of choice for the majority of South Asian families, regardless of time, place or season. In our house, chai is served twice a day, in the morning and evening.
A heart-felt letter from a mother to her daughter this Mother's Day sharing how she became her source of strength and joy.
Whatever your reason for walking through that door, moving along on YouTube, buying or downloading the DVD, Doonya is a dance fitness program designed to suit all levels and backgrounds, Rohan Sheth, Doonya’s CEO resident Bolly heRO, says.
Sonal J. Shah Event Consultants take event planning to a whole new level, transforming the already opulent affair of a South Asian wedding into a page straight out of the happy ending of a fairytale.
What makes Sanaya Set different from other subscription boxes is that there is a real sense of understanding and intention into each of these products.
Did you know that almost 50 percent of proposals happen on Valentine’s Day? GET US OUTTA HERE. Even if you’re 100 percent happy being single and doing you this year, chances are you might get hit with a case of the #ValentinesDayBlues—because this holiday has a way of majorly bumming all single people out.
Citrus fruits are best known for their uses in pickles, jams and marmalades—owing to the unique tangy flavours that they possess. However, to say that this all that the citrus fruits have got to offer would be erroneous. It...
A lot of work is being done to destigmatize mental health, addictions, and the recovery process in the mainstream, and yet - it persists. When you’re a young woman of the South Asian diaspora, the stigma can have additional layers.
Here are ten often overlooked universities with great South Asian programs for college students seeking to dive deep into their motherland.
Suhita Sengupta, the founder Evoke, was not always a jewelry designer. She actually started her career as an interior designer. Evoke is a globally inspired unique handcrafted statement jewelry for the free-spirited woman.
Mona Bangalore, a jewelry designer and the owner of Mi Amor Jewelry, takes great pride in her growing line of Indian-Western jewelry that goes well beyond the traditional expectations of kundan nestled in gold plates.
To celebrate our growth and success, we’ve put together an amazing holiday gift basket full of lots of goodies. Enter today!
We grew up in Edison, New Jersey, so naturally, we were exposed to our culture, Bollywood, dancing, and singing very early on. However, no matter how much interest we had in those extracurricular activities, we were continuously pushed to focus attaining a higher degree.
The efficacy of social media is obviously unprecedented today. To use that power for good is what’s important. That is exactly why two classical Indian dancers, Srinidhi Raghavan and Sahasra Sambamoorthi’s, work matters right now.
Imagine having a mangalsutra that you can wear with your lengha to this year's upcoming Diwali party, and then easily transition it into a traditional-yet-chic piece that matches your work pant-suit. Sampat Jewellers makes it possible.
Jai Jai Hooray is a company that is re-imagining cultures of South Asia by making beautifully simple toys and tools.
Living in the diaspora, it is challenging to incorporate our South Asian heritage in a way that is meaningful to children but the founders of Desi Babies create fun and vibrant products that stimulate the growth and creativity of the modern desi baby.
These 55 Indian wedding tips are everything you need to plan the perfect nuptials.
When it comes to buying South Asian fashion online, I want variety, quality, accessibility, affordability topped off with excellent customer service. Now, I admit that this is a big ask but I think it’s exactly what the South Asian online fashion market is crying out for.

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