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Meet the Staff: Syeda Hasan

Hey BG world! My name is Syeda, and I’m a 23-year-old journalist living in Houston, Texas.

11 South Asian Women Break Through the Fashion Barrier by Baring Their Insecurities on...

"As I looked around the room on the day of our photo shoot, I saw beauty in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors. It wasn’t about trying to conform to unrealistic beauty standards created by photoshop or layers of makeup. It was about appreciating beauty in every form. It was about wearing clothing that enhances our natural beauty and reminds us to love ourselves the way we are. And most importantly, it was about loving and appreciating the beauty within ourselves, even when sometimes society tells us we are not enough."

Artist Pranna on Touring with Amar Sandhu, Pursuing His Passion, and Connecting with Fans

Musician Pranna is currently on an eight-city tour with singer Amar Sandhu, performing songs from their latest musical collaboration.

Amar Sandhu Became a Singer ‘by Accident’?

Amar Sandhu discovered his musical talent somewhat by accident. One day, he was unabashedly belting out a song at his home in Dallas, Texas, when his father overheard him.
Chai Town

Chai Town’s Latest Video Pays Homage to Shah Rukh Khan on His 50th Birthday

It’s hard to believe almost 30 years have passed since Shah Rukh Khan made his on-screen debut in the Hindi television series "Fauji." Today, Khan has appeared in more than 80 Bollywood films, and it’s hard to find anyone—South Asian or not—who isn’t familiar with his work.
nina davuluri

Nina Davuluri Reflects on Her Year as the First South Asian Miss America

A little over a year has passed since Nina Davuluri became the first Indian-American to win the Miss America pageant. How has the 25-year-old’s life changed since she won the crown and gained international stardom? Davuluri said the past year has certainly kept her on her toes.

Ishqr Confronts the Taboos of Muslim-American Dating

There’s one feature that makes Ishqr unique from other dating sites. Users cannot see each other’s photos before being matched.

Why I relate to Adnan Syed from ‘Serial’ as a Second Generation Immigrant

As the case of Adnan Syed and his resulting life sentence for the murder of his ex-girlfriend unfolded over the 12 episode series of "Serial," our BG staff listened and obsessed over it much like the rest of the fans. Adnan's story and his high school social life resounded with many of us. Below, some of our staff tell us exactly why they related to Syed, the way that information was used in his trial and how this makes them feel.
Jama Masjid, Brown Girl Talks

‘Brown Girl Talks’ Ep. II: Culture Shock in the Motherland (Podcast)

Hey Brown Girl readers, we are pleased to bring you episode II of our podcast, "Brown Girl Talks," which reflect on the culture shock they felt on their recent trips to India and Pakistan.

Artist Extraordinaire Inkquisitive Speaks on BG’s First-Ever Podcast

When Amandeep Singh wakes up, his mind is already buzzing with creative ideas. As he heads to his art studio for morning meetings with his team, he pictures his coffee mug morphing into a planet with Saturn-like rings. There is seldom a moment when he isn’t using his imagination.

Author Tanuja Desai Hidier Writes Sequel To ‘Born Confused’

It’s been twelve years since author Tanuja Desai Hidier penned "Born Confused," the breakthrough novel in young South Asian American literature. In the much-awaited sequel, "Bombay Blues," Dimple finds herself far from her home of New York City. She travels to Bombay with her family to attend her cousin’s wedding, but the trip ends up meaning much more than she anticipated.
Abbas Hashmi

Abbas Hashmi Fills Immigration Gap Through Finance

Abbas Hashmi is not afraid to take risks. As a child, his father taught him to recognize his dreams and make firm decisions based on his goals. When Hashmi discovered the need for a new kind of American immigration advisor, he took a chance on it.
voices of iftar

The Voices of Iftar

During the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, 1.6 billion Muslims around the world fast from dawn to dusk each day. Getting through the day’s fast can feel like a solitary struggle, but this Ramadan, one group of friends is working to connect the global Muslim community. The team behind Voices of Iftar
Jitin Hingorani

From Rakhis to Forever Rakhis

Jitin Hingorani and Meeta Manglani are the creators and founder of Forever Rakhi, a company that gives men an all-year-long fashion forward rakhi. BG Syeda gets the inside scoop on the conception of the brand and the unique design of their signature product.
rad brown fathers day3

Bell-Bottoms and Mustaches: Celebrating Rad Brown Dads

When Ahmed Ali Akbar began chronicling the antics of his hilarious uncle last October, he never imagined his stories would become the internet sensation they are today. Akbar, 26, had toyed with the notion of starting a photo blog dedicated to his uncle, a man he describes as a dapper, retro Austin Powers-type who charms everyone he meets. The idea quickly grew into much more.

7 Tips for Becoming a Confident, Professional Brown Girl

She is the first to arrive at any meeting, ready to take meticulous notes. She responds to emails at the speed of light, volunteers for extra projects and still makes it to her evening yoga class on time. But when you praise her work, she doesn’t believe you. She’s sure you’re exaggerating. How could anyone think she’s a superstar when she overslept and walked in four minutes late this morning?
shakila ahmad, islamic center of greater cincinnati

Shakila Ahmad: First Female President of Islamic Community in Cincinnati

In many ways, Shakila Ahmad embodies the modern American working woman. She runs a medical practice with her husband specializing in allergy and asthma care. She supports her three children as they pursue careers and higher education. She also serves as a leader to the largest Muslim community in Ohio.

Making it Work: Living Long Distance from South Asian Parents

As a desi girl growing up in a close-knit household, I always took my strong family unit for granted. My parents cared for my brothers and I, diligently and selflessly. They were the first to applaud my achievements and scold me for my mistakes. Keeping up to speed on each others’ lives was as easy as catching up around the dinner table.

Karachi Life: A Matter of Perspective

Five years ago, I took my first trip to Pakistan to visit my parents who had recently moved to Karachi. I wrote this piece for Brown Girl reflecting on my travels and new experiences.

I want to be funny, too

On another scorching summer afternoon in Karachi, I sat in the cool comfort of my uncle’s living room and listened to my relatives conversing around me.

Eight Reasons South Asian Voters Should be Wary of Mike Bloomberg

According to this poll cited by Newsweek, Bloomberg’s support is at 12% amongst Asian American and Hispanic voters. Bloomberg’s campaign has smartly cloaked his candidacy in the word “moderate” but Michael Bloomberg is painfully ignorant of what it means to lead an inclusive and diverse movement.

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