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women's march

Mrinalini Chakraborty Talks Intersectionality and the Importance of This Year’s Women’s March

Women’s March Board Member Mrinalini Chakraborty discussed the new focus the organization has taken, the inspiration behind the movement, and her own activism originating from her days in India to now in the States.
First Amendment

Protecting and Practicing the First Amendment in the Desi Community: A Reflection

The First Amendment was created in the USA by our Founding Fathers to grant to the people separation of church and state, that our individual religious pursuits would not be dictated by the government. It keeps reigns on religious imposition, but it does not reign in personal persecution, which can go unfettered.

Experiencing Multilingualism as a South Asian American

It is difficult to comment on individual households and to comment on every individual; however, I can say with confidence that most first-generation or recent youth immigrants of Bengali descent that I did meet at every Bengali gathering in my home state did not speak to us in Bengali or to their parents. Why did this happen?

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