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3 Ways Every Brown Boy Can Rock the Hat this Summer

A hat could add statement to a casually worn t-shirt with a cool pair of jeans.
mumbai local

5 Types of Aunties You’ll Meet on the Mumbai Local Train

To my experience - the harder an Aunty pushes you on the train, the more experienced she is. Like any popular brand, the older it gets the better it serves.

How Boarding School Became a Bittersweet Home Away from Home

I was four years old when I was sent to boarding school.

What you Lose When you Spend Too Much Time Becoming ‘A Good Girl’

A good girl, she is a sweetheart to everyone around her. She is every man's dream, every mother's pride. She is a trophy wife and a trophy daughter. She is the prize that everyone wants to posses and show off to the society as their personal achievement. She is a validation to someone's correct choice and someone's perfect upbringing.

Poem: ‘Dear Metastatic Cancer’

So meta-static is a paradox of meaning meta reflective unchanging changes defective leaving us wondering which treatments will be effective

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