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March for Science Los Angeles: What We Can do to Defend Science

I'll be joining the March for Science Los Angeles to stand up not only for science, but for people like my parents.

Lisboa Taught One BG to Travel During A Local Holiday

On day one, walking along the winding cobblestone streets and alleys of Lisboa, I fell in love with strangers all around me. It didn't matter that I didn't know anyone who lived there, the city was preparing for celebration— modest block parties all around, just picnic tables and colorful banners with children playing in car-free streets.

An Important Message Ahead of Election Day: We Are Americans, Too

On Election Day, know your rights but bring your ID with you. If you experience someone questioning your citizenship, take note and share it. Most importantly, remember, we are Americans too.
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Five Years Later: What Traveling Solo as an Indian Woman Feels Like

I wandered across Shivya Nath's travels through word-of-mouth during a recent trip to India. I instantly felt a connection to this globe-trekking, young woman who had thrown off the chains of a typical comfortable life for a life of adventure and the unknown.

Travel Tips from Brown Girl Tech and Fitness Enthusiast Aruna Paramasivam

Senior Director for Data and Tech Partnerships at MediaMath, ad tech world veteran of Yahoo, Interclick and AOL, NetIP success Aruna Paramasivam is an incredible role model for women everywhere. She's achieved great heights in the tech world, in the fitness world, in the female empowerment and entrepreneurial worlds, and through it all her positivity and adventurous spirit are her trademarks.
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The Secrets of Becoming An International Brown Girl Globetrotter

A first generation Indian-American born in the Lower East Side of New York City, I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. However, I was born with a passport in my mouth and a love for all things multicultural.

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