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Bar Discrimination

When you think of the swanky bars of New York City or L.A. most of us think of a good time, albeit expensive, with a cool bar scene.

And She Said Yes!

My best friend is engaged! I’m so happy for her and I get the honor of being one of her bridesmaids. We have already started to plan the wedding, which is so exciting it makes me dream about my own perfect wedding.

True Life: I’m on a South Asian Dance Team (Part 2)

Finally, it was competition weekend. We had not slept the night before because we were too busy practicing, but we had a newfound energy and excitement because for many of us, this was our first competition ever.

I want to be funny, too

On another scorching summer afternoon in Karachi, I sat in the cool comfort of my uncle’s living room and listened to my relatives conversing around me.

I have never been so confused by my culture.

Let's just discuss how ridiculous this post has become. No wait, ridiculous doesn't even been to describe it. "Colossal waste of brain cells" seems much much more appropriate. What the hell India? I didn't know you were so exclusive about your fashion week photos.

Aziz Ansari: Dangerously Delicious

by Aditi Mehta - University of Texas Graduate For my birthday this past year, I was given an amazing gift. Front row tickets, to go see Aziz Ansari's new standup, Dangerously Delicious,...

Wait. Does or doesn’t the National Mall have a H&M?

contemplated what one wears to a political rally. Nothing I have ever read has ever discussed this obvious fashion dilemma. So I thought about what people, historically, would have worn.

Burgers and Chai

I can still remember the feeling of embarrassment and contempt I felt at my culture when my 5th grade teacher refused to take any of the food I made because she thought I had a disease that afflicted my hands. That “disease” was my henna.

This is so healthy (in sarcastic voice).

Good news, I wasn’t as upset with clothes as I thought (you were worried I know). In fact, after a much needed break, I realized me and clothing have this bond. This amazing, unbreakable bond. Yes, we fight, we get mad at each other, we don’t talk for a while.

Careers: Interview Advice

I’ve spent the majority of my high school and my college years interning at anywhere that would take me from accounting firms, celebrity PR firms, fortune 500 companies, to a local radio station. After years of emails, interviews, research, and managers I feel like I’ve finally conquered the impossible system. There are a few things that websites and college counselors don’t tell you to do, but that will most definitely set you apart from the crowd.

The Definition of Beauty

As a woman, I am constantly at battle with what I see in the mirror. If I let myself, I could probably name 150 flaws in less than 10 minutes. Why?

Open Your Eyes to a Diverse World

As a religious and ethnic minority, I have always been able to bring a different perspective. I understand how outward differences between people can hide important connections.

I just might be sick of clothes after this week. What the what?

by Simerjeet Sahota - Ohio State University Graduate I took on a monumental task this week. Herculean, if you will. I decided, because I’m a pretty nice person on (only) Wednesdays – well, most...

Chick Flick Delight

While I started out watching some quality academy award winning movies, I quickly succumbed to the power of what we all know as “chick flicks”.

Renu Khator: Blazing the Trail

by Komal Thakkar - George Washington University In January 2008, Dr. Renu Khator became the thirteenth president of the University of Houston and the eighth chancellor of the University of Houston System....

Bollywood isn’t Hollywood!

by Pooja Kansal - Indiana University During a November 2009 interview with CNN, Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan said that, “Indian cinema needs to move beyond traditional song-and-dance musicals amid increasing international competition...

Being Indian 101: An Introductory Course to Understanding Yourself

by Komal Thakkar - George Washington University When my parents used to tell my brother and me that we would be attending a pooja later that night, we would groan with...

Summer 2010: Make It Your Most Fashionable One Yet

by Pooja Kansal - Indiana University You're hot and the weather is hot. We all know that. Now what to wear? The Romper If you are… Petite: Spring for a strapless, shorts-style romper. The strapless...

The Depth of a Sari’s Folds

When I suggested to my mom that I be allowed to wear a sari to her cousin’s wedding in Pakistan this summer, I was surprised to see such a puzzled expression on her face.

Meet the Staff: Foram Mehta

BG would like you to get to know our staff. After all, BG is written for you by girls just like you! Meet Foram Mehta: I was born in India and my parents...
melanie chandra

Actress Melanie Chandra and Comedian Rajiv Satyal Take us on a...

This Friday and Sunday evening, actress Melanie Chandra (HBO’s 'The Brink,' CBS’s 'Code Black') and comedian Rajiv Satyal (first person ever to do standup on all seven continents) are putting on a two-person comedy show, Back to School, at The Tank NYC.

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