Meet the Staff

Our team of founders, editors, and writers are a group of independent, like-minded women who come from various backgrounds and skills. Together, we believe our stories have the power to empower South Asians living in the diaspora.

Co-founder | Content Manager | Operations Development 

Atiya Hasan, TexasAtiya

Co-founder | Content Manager | Business Development Manager 

Trisha Sakhuja-Walia, New York
Trisha Headshot
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Editorial Staff

Politics, Social Activism, Indo-Caribbean Culture
Kamini Ramdeen, New York

kamini ramdeen

Women’s Health, Mental Health
Nur Kara
, Illinois

Lifestyle & Beauty
Sandeep Panesar
, Toronto, Canada

Legal Counsel

Jonathan Hood, New York

Brand Outreach Editor

Aysha Qamar
, New Jersey
aysha qamar

In-House Photographer

Pooja Rudra, Pennsylvania 

Assistant Editors

Sonali Kudva, Ohio Sonali Kudva

Ammu Zachariah, Washington D.C.

Social Media Coordinators

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Duriba Khan, TexasDuriba Khan

E-Newsletter Manager

Jasleena Grewal, Washington

Event Managers

Jennifer Kadenkavil, New York
jennifer kadenkavil, staff

Sara George, New York
sara george, staff

Beauty Editor

Sanjana Arefin, New York 

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Beauty Gurus 

In-House Makeup Artist

Jasmin Rahman, New York
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Style Director 

Amy Devan, Philadelphia 

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written for you. by girls just like you.

Our freelance staff of contributors consists of young women (and men) from across the country, who are eager to share their unique stories and viewpoints.

Karishma Desai, California | 
Hera Ashraf, Indiana | 
Elizabeth Jaikaran, New York | 
Saumya Bhutani, New York | 
Trisha Arora, New Jersey | 
Marina Ali, Mississippi | 
Hadiya Iqbal, Texas | 
Sheena Pradhan, New York | 
Jill Patel, New Jersey |
Subrina Singh, New York | 
Zaynah Arefin, Texas | 
Sneha Goud, New York | 
Soni Satpathy-Singh, New York |
Foram Mehta, Texas |
Sheena Vasani, California | 
Rani Shah, Illinois | 
Shilpa Prasad, Arizona | 
Grishma Patel, New York | 
Meghana Kaloji, Virginia | 
Harshita Ganesh, Texas | 
Vaidehi Gajjar, South Carolina | 
Rabia Toor, Michigan
Anagha Kikkeri, Texas
Saira Imran, New Jersey
Sheena Vasani, California | 

Would you like to submit something to us? Email us at with your submission(s). If we like it, we will publish it!


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