This is How Rabia Nasimi Escaped the Taliban Regime to Pursue her Studies at Cambridge University

Rabia Nasimi’s journey from Afghanistan in the back of a lorry to Cambridge University gives many women the hope of integrating successfully into British society.

#FitnessFollowFridays: Meet Diksha Gautham

“The weight room is so intimidating for women and it’s labeled as a “bro section.” A lot of women don’t know where to start and there is a high barrier for entry for a lot of women.”

Sisters, Neelofar and Alisha Keshavjee, Grow their Passion for Fashion into ‘The Kayes’

“We hadn’t seen many brown girls with a boutique that represents a laid back, causal, Texan style. We want to be able to reach these girls and also show them that you don’t have to be a certain image to wear the latest trends!”

Amit Patel Advocates for LGBTQ Communities Through Dance (That too in 6-Inch Stilettos)

I am a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and artist. I dance sometimes to depict reality, sometimes to escape it, but more often than not, I dance to show the beauty of human potential.

Brown Girl of the Month Shayna Mehta Breaks Barriers in Basketball at Brown University

Growing up, I was a proud gym rat, playing many of the organized ball sports available in my school and community. I started playing basketball with my dad when I was seven years old and then progressed to playing for local girl’s and boy’s teams.

Designer Ayush Kejriwal Breaks Barriers with Desi Fashion

With his recent successes and controversies in mind, Ayush Kerjiwal reflects on what it means to stay true to oneself, the importance of self-love and standing up for one’s beliefs.

#FitnessFollowFridays: Meet Punita Mangat

“Fitness was very restricted and frowned upon in my household. When I went through some tough personal times, I found fitness as an outlet. When I hit rock bottom, I realized the only way to go is up.”

Yeh Ladka Hai Allah: An Homage to Shahrukh Khan on his 52nd Birthday

by Priyanka Gulati – Follow @Gulate “Those who are swathed in the…

‘Fast Five’ Interview with Comedy Writer Broti Gupta

If you tuned in to the Comedy Central Snapchat channel this month, you may have noticed Broti Gupta grace your cellular device. Brown Girl had the chance to catch up with Gupta on comedy writing, future aspirations and her witty social media presence.

Designer Amy Devan Talks About NAVEDA, Fashion, and the City that Never Sleeps

Amy Devan is a woman of power, someone who dared to live her “not-so-realistic dream” and women around the world sure do have a boatload to learn from her choices in life and fashion.

#BGSpeaksUp: Twitter Chat Sparks an Important Conversation on South Asian Mental Health

The narrative surrounding mental health in South Asian countries is negative at best – and more often nonexistent. As children of those who immigrated from these countries (or immigrants ourselves) we often don’t know how to approach our mental health, or that mental health is even something to consider.

First Biracial Miss India America India LaRoda Breaks Barriers, Learns the Value of Inner Beauty

by India Gupta – Follow @browngirlmag Prior to 2016, aspiring pediatrician India…

#FitnessFollowFridays: Meet Sheena Patel

“You’ll start to see life unfold in a different, yet beautiful way when you take control of your mental health and physical health. I believe everyone should do what they love to live the happiest life they can live.”

Fast Five with Actor and YouTube Star Rupan Bal

We caught up with Rupan Bal on his latest YouTube parodies, work in movies and film, and what he’s planning next.

Kumail Nanjiani Hilariously Tackles Islamaphobia in ‘SNL’ Debut

The world was introduced to Kumail Nanjiani and his comedy brilliance this past weekend for his “Saturday Night Live” debut.

Brown Girl of the Month Rohaina Hassan Pushes us to Face Ourselves Through Storytelling

Rohaina is a Los Angeles-based creator who works in tech and online…

#FitnessFollowFridays: Meet Kriti Shastry

“Fitness goals do not have an expiry date; it truly is a lifestyle. So find an activity that you love and follow a diet that suits your lifestyle – this is the only way you will succeed and be happy! Be the best version of yourself.”

#FitnessFollowFridays: Meet Netania Naik

“Trust the process. People tend to get discouraged from not seeing results in a timely manner, but everyone’s body is different and everyone reacts differently to different exercises and foods. KEEP GOING.”

MannMukti Founder Abhi Ravinutala Talks About His Main Drive and Devastating Loss

When I initially chose a Batman tattoo, it was to remind myself of the importance of ethical standards and self-improvement. But after September of 2015, I would need a different use for that tattoo – one to help me deal with pain much worse than needles.

The Chole and Chutney I Once Ate Dangerously Fast, I Now Eat With Pride

One day, some of the thick green chutney fell from the folds of the surrounding saran wrap onto the white lunch table. Out of nowhere, a classmate pointed and shouted out, “bird poop!”