A Board Game About Escaping Arranged Marriages Exists and You Need to Play

Arranged!–The Arranged Marriage Board Game is exactly what it sounds like. Balagamwala has channeled the common experience of South Asian women feeling the early pressures of marriage and transformed it into gameplay.

4 Must-Watch TED Talks to Open the Mind

The power of understanding stems from having an open mind. From the possibility of the paranormal to a converted Westboro Baptist Church member, these TEDTalks will bring about a new perspective to its audience.

#BornConfused15: Tanuja Desai Hidier’s ‘Dimple Lala’ Opened Doors for Young South Asian Characters

Tanuja sent me a proposal for a novel called ABCD, about a South Asian American girl named Dimple Lala who living in the suburbs of New Jersey and was trying to shape herself out of the collision of the cultures around her. It was unlike anything I’d read before.

6 South Asian Restaurants You Didn’t Know You Had to Try

We, at Brown Girl Magazine, made it easier—here are six South Asian restaurants in the tri-state area you have to try!

Bollywood Boulevard: A Journey Through Hindi Cinema Like Never Seen Before at Lincoln Center

My teenage-self was awestruck by Shah Rukh Khan of DDLJ and bowled over by Hrithik Roshan’s dance moves. So I was excited to revisit those memories at Bollywood Boulevard.

Netflix’s Latest Documentary ‘Daughters of Destiny’ Follows the Lives of the Untouchables

Four hours may not seem like enough time to shed light on the devastating consequences of casteism and gender inequality in India’s educational system, but Netflix’s latest documentary, “Daughters of Destiny,” successfully manages to do just that.

India Independence Day Takes a Funny Twist With Four ABCD Comedians

Four ambitious Indian-Americans with some serious television cred decided to stir up this mundane Independence Day celebration routine

Kavita Mehra Talks About Sakhi, A Vehicle That Drives Female Empowerment Forward

There is a personal connection to our work at Sakhi, and working for an organization focused on gender based violence is the reason I entered the non-profit sector.

First-Ever South Asian A Capella Championship Equals Smashing Success

The Association of South Asian A Capella hosted the first annual All-American Awaaz, which marks the first of many South Asian a capella championships.

Sonali Pai Revolutionizes Children’s Programs with STEAM-Based Learning

“STEAM is the new STEM,” says Sonali Pai, making reference to the addition of ‘arts’ to traditional STEM-based curriculums.