RajasthaNY(C): An Ode to the Gypsy Queen That Lives Within

The series RajasthaNY(C) encapsulates the beauty of Rajasthani tradition fused with the enchantment of New York City.

6 South Asian Brides you Aspire to Look Like on Your Wedding Day

Getting married is one of the most important moments in a woman’s life—a day that most young girls dream about. What may come second to finding the right guy is finding the perfect bridal outfit.

The Brown List: Staff Picks for November 2017

Whether you’re looking for Thanksgiving recipes, a new nail polish, or ways to improve yourself, The Brown List has got you covered!

Sisters, Neelofar and Alisha Keshavjee, Grow their Passion for Fashion into ‘The Kayes’

“We hadn’t seen many brown girls with a boutique that represents a laid back, causal, Texan style. We want to be able to reach these girls and also show them that you don’t have to be a certain image to wear the latest trends!”

Designer Ayush Kejriwal Breaks Barriers with Desi Fashion

With his recent successes and controversies in mind, Ayush Kerjiwal reflects on what it means to stay true to oneself, the importance of self-love and standing up for one’s beliefs.

Brown Girl’s Myth Busters: The Desi Dressing Edition

First up, we have the button down blouse as a saree blouse alternative trend. That is a mouthful, but how does one cleverly name it?

Designer Amy Devan Talks About NAVEDA, Fashion, and the City that Never Sleeps

Amy Devan is a woman of power, someone who dared to live her “not-so-realistic dream” and women around the world sure do have a boatload to learn from her choices in life and fashion.

4 Fall Boot Trends Every Fashionista Needs to Shop Right Now!

What’s the next best thing to pumpkin spice? Fall boot trends, of course!

The Brown List: Staff Picks for October 2017

by BG Staff – Follow @browngirlmag School is in full swing and we’re back to…

Here’s Brown Girl’s Advice on What NOT to Wear This Diwali

With Diwali upon us, it’s only fair that we share some what-not-to-wear tips with our Brown Girls. So, here they are!

Sabyasachi and Christian Louboutin Unveil their Capsule Shoe Collection and it’s Nothing Short of Novelty

Sabyasachi and Christian Louboutin and took the world by storm when they officially announced their collaboration. Here’s what the buzz is all about.

Brown Girl Introduces Grunge and Graffiti into your Diwali Wardrobe this Year and it’s Straight Fire

Brown Girl Magazine set out to explore various ways to infuse light, color, and newness into your wardrobe along with a little bit of modern grunge. Happy Diwali!

From Lehenga to Leggings: Sampat Jewellers Brings You the Most Versatile Mangalsutras in the Market

Imagine having a mangalsutra that you can wear with your lengha to this year’s upcoming Diwali party, and then easily transition it into a traditional-yet-chic piece that matches your work pant-suit. Sampat Jewellers makes it possible.

Make Room in Your Closet Ladies, PANACHE MMXVII is Here to Fill the Corporate Void

PANACHE MMXVII takes women’s suits to a whole new level, and they’re definitely here to stay!

The Brown List: Staff Picks for September 2017

The weather is cooling down, but we’re still getting summer breezes. It’s weird weather time, but BGM’s staff picks will keep you right on track.

Want Eyelash Extensions? Here’s Everything You Need to Know and More!

I loved my look after my eyelash extensions, it was natural yet flirty—just the way I wanted it! Now you can have the look too!

The Bibhu Mohapatra Woman: New York Fashion Week’s Dreamy Samurai

New York Fashion Week introduced the world to a lady who is complicated, intensely focused, yet collected in thought and disposition—everyone met the Bibhu Mohapatra woman!

Minimalistic is the New Majestic: New York Fashion Week Beauty Trend Report

New York Fashion Week introduced thousands of new trends to the fashion and beauty world, but the one we took away was minimalistic beauty trends are everyone’s new go-to, and we know exactly why!

Micellar Water: The Ultimate Cleansing Product and New Fan Favourite

Micellar water is the new go-to for everyone’s beauty regime and it’s so clear why!

5 Pro Tips On How to Make Your Foundation Last Longer

You may have had a really long day or it’s just one of those sweltering summer afternoons, the last thing you should worry about is your makeup! Here are 5 sure-fire ways to help your foundation last longer!