Vijaya Singh

Vijaya Singh
Vijaya was born in Guyana but moved to Long Island as a child and has yet to visit Guyana since. Growing up and going to school in predominantly minority communities, but apart from the larger Guyanese community has had a profound impact on how she has viewed her identity as an Indo-Guyanese woman and the world at large. She is passionate about writing about her experiences as an Indo-Carribean woman and about all the things she loves like books, movies, science, sports and art.

Eight Reasons South Asian Voters Should be Wary of Mike Bloomberg

According to this poll cited by Newsweek, Bloomberg’s support is at 12% amongst Asian American and Hispanic voters. Bloomberg’s campaign has smartly cloaked his candidacy in the word “moderate” but Michael Bloomberg is painfully ignorant of what it means to lead an inclusive and diverse movement.

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