Tania Rahman

Tania Rahman
Bangladeshi born but bred in the Bronx (whoa alliteration), Tania is just another (particularly tasty) lentil in the melting pot of New York City. A creative writer who works at the intersection of digital marketing and tech, Tania is an avid supporter of social justice issues and advocates for youth conflicts in the South Asian diaspora. She is intensely passionate about urban exploration, chocolate, spicy burritos and her two cats. Follow her blog to gain a hazy idea of what goes on in her head.
jnu protest

#EmergencyinJNU: why the Recent Attack at Jawaharlal Nehru University Links to...

A masked mob entered JNU in Delhi last week and assaulted several students and professors. The masked attackers were armed with sticks, stones and iron rods, eyewitnesses said, videos of the violence went viral on social media resulting in both national and international outrage. At least 40 students and university staff were admitted to the hospital with injuries.

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