Shriya Bhattacharya

Shriya Bhattacharya
Shriya Bhattacharya is a proud 23-year-old brown girl working on the reproductive health team at the United Nations Foundation in Washington D.C. She was born and brought up in the United States but at 13 was whisked away by her family to live in India and experience severe culture shock. A recent graduate of Agnes Scott College, a women’s institution in Atlanta, Shriya is passionate about advocating for women’s rights and gets to fight for women’s access to family planning every day at her job. She’s lived in the U.S, India, and Belgium and dreams of one day travelling the world to report on gender equality issues. You can find her hunting down all the best food trucks in D.C., exploring new forms of dance—her current obsession is Zouk—or binge-watching Bollywood movies at home.

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