Shezda Afrin

Shezda Afrin
Shezda Afrin is an aspiring physician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Enthusiastic about Public Health, she is heavily involved in non-profits and hopes to leave a positive impact on the children she supports. At the age of four, it was quite normal of her to wear the same outfits and accessories as actresses (such as Preity Zinta) and lip sync the songs like “Bumbro” word for word. Aside from traveling with her family, learning new languages, and witnessing different cultures, she has a passion for event planning. You will probably find her spending her Friday nights binging on Bollywood movies with a plate of mini samosas in hand. Having an innate interest in the topics featured and discussed, she hopes to actively engage in the Brown Girl community.

Slashie Summit

November 9, 2019 | New York CitySlashie Summit


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