Nimarta Narang

Nimarta Narang
Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, Nimarta grew up devouring Hindi movies, coming-of-age novels and one too many psychology textbooks. An aspiring writer and an avid traveler, Nimarta has lived in Bangkok, Boston, Oxford, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and London thus far. She is passionate about exploring cities, the human mind and to learn how she can pursue storytelling to push for more diversity and inclusion. She is currently creating a book project that collates written pieces by South Asian women around the world. At the moment, she is figuring out which aunty to sass next. Nimarta is not a conventional sanskari by any standards. Reach out to her if you’d like to collaborate on any projects, or indulge in a simmering chai sass sesh.
November 9, 2019 | New York CitySlashie Summit


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