Jill Patel

Jill Patel
Jill Patel is currently pursuing an accelerated Masters Degree at Drexel University where she studies Journalism, Justice & Human Rights, and Video Production. She hopes to use storytelling to drive social change and create awareness for topics that deserve more attention, as well as bring more South Asian representation into mainstream media. Aside from that, she enjoys taking pictures while exploring new places, spending all her money on concerts and eating an insane amount of tacos.
jnu protest

#EmergencyinJNU: why the Recent Attack at Jawaharlal Nehru University Links to...

A masked mob entered JNU in Delhi last week and assaulted several students and professors. The masked attackers were armed with sticks, stones and iron rods, eyewitnesses said, videos of the violence went viral on social media resulting in both national and international outrage. At least 40 students and university staff were admitted to the hospital with injuries.

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