Erin Smith

Erin Smith
Erin was adopted from an orphanage in Kerala, India in 1987 when she was 20 months old. She is a transracial adoptee, raised by her adoptive parents in Snellville, GA. She enjoys hosting, cooking for the people she loves, and exploring Austin’s ever-evolving culinary scene with her boyfriend. She has submitted her DNA and has been fortunate enough to connect with distant relatives but remains hopeful that she may one day find her immediate birth family.

Eight Reasons South Asian Voters Should be Wary of Mike Bloomberg

According to this poll cited by Newsweek, Bloomberg’s support is at 12% amongst Asian American and Hispanic voters. Bloomberg’s campaign has smartly cloaked his candidacy in the word “moderate” but Michael Bloomberg is painfully ignorant of what it means to lead an inclusive and diverse movement.

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