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the fob and i

‘The Fob and I’: A Tale of South Asian Representation You Need to Watch

We created 'The Fob and I'—a web series set about depicting South Asians as complex characters rooted in their identity and not in their stereotypes.

Things South Asians do to be Overly Respectful

My sister got married in early July. Obviously, whenever there’s a huge Indian wedding, all the family travels out visit, all the relatives bring gifts, and everyone is in a very festive mood. During the wedding, my cousin and I noticed how much time we take (we as in the desi population) to be overly respectful.

Requirements for a Groom in the South Asian Community

I know you know what I’m talking about. The title says it all. Since we were children, we heard about so-and-so’s “perfect groom” and his “decent family.” We’ve all heard about Priyas and Priyams and Shailas and Shaileshes, with their perfect weddings and good “sanskaar.” However, when these marriages take place, there are certain people in the Indian community who are convinced that they themselves
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Here’s What Popular American Songs Sound Like With an Indian Twist

by Shefali Deshay - Follow @browngirlmag So much of what we listen to is a direct descendant of another culture’s popular music. Of course, there are classy ways to piggyback off a...
passive-aggressive, brown girlvideo

Things Passive-Aggressive People Say To Annoy All of Us

You know the ones...the people who say what they don’t mean and mean what they don’t say. The ones who pretend like nothing is wrong, but then snap all of a sudden and you don’t understand why. The ones who are quiet throughout the day and give minimalist answers (“I’m fine.”) when you ask them a question, because they’re clearly annoyed with you.
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Video: Things People Say In The Workplace

As of May 15, 2016, it has been a year since I graduated. One. Whole. Year. Since graduating, I have learned a lot. How to move into a house on a hill, how to pay rent on my own, how to get a car repaired
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South Asian Superstitions and Traditions We Can All Relate To

In the South Asian community, there are many traditions and superstitions that have been ingrained into our psyches at a very young age. We always knew we had to follow it, for some odd reason, but couldn’t tell our white friends because they would probably think we were weird. Hell, we thought we were weird.

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